New gear and prizes arrives for Ambition

21 June 2011 AT 14:29:27

What absolute legends long term sponsors LEVEL are, not only have they been sponsoring the AtomicUK summer camps for the last few years, they have also helped out the Ambition athletes in Bormio immensely. This year has seen LEVEL step up their sponsorship, taking a place alongside ABC, VITAL, BARTLETTS and ATOMIC as a primary sponsor of Ambition Racing. With this new deal, Level have chosen 4 Ambition athletes to be fully sponsored with gloves, poles and accessories.

The gloves company are THE coolest on the market, and with Norweigans Svindal and Janrud leading their sponsored athletes team, it is little wonder they have some of the most unique designs on the market. To find out more about the brand visit or if you want to the chance to win some of the cool kit seen below, get booking on either the Atomic Hemel or Ipswich Camp on - everything has to go so there's lots to play for in July!

Or, for any 2000 / 2001 births - try out for a completely free week by winning the Aldershot LSERSA race this Sunday!  

Best of luck to those competing!!


Austrian World Cup Star Coming to Hemel.

Atomic Camp 25th-28th July set to be best yet with

18 June 2011 AT 00:41:21

Been away for a few weeks since the Hemel Camp but lots going on with the new team.... Facebook messages and emails of various results from indoor races following the Atomic Camp held at Hemel in May.

Anyway, big news from Atomic today, we are told that Philipp Schoerghofer will be joining the Atomic and Ambition staff at the Hemel Camp from 25th-28th July 2011!!!!

Schoerghofer is currently ranked 7th in the world for GS, having won the Hinterstoder WC and placing 3rd in the World Champs this year. I'm looking forward to seeing if any of our indoor specialists can take him down in a dual at Hemel however!!!!!

Check him out in action:


The Grand Finale!

Races, Prizes and more....

02 June 2011 AT 23:10:49

It was the last day of the Atomic May Camp today and what a day it was.....

It all started off with some team games this morning; 3-legged races, piggy back runs, wheelbarrow races + a bit of bulldog!! With that the guys were ready for our 2 on snow technical sessions this morning - Aza, Alex White, Anna, Lizzie and Ryan taking the spoils in the syncronized skiing comp. 

This afternoon saw some good skiing through our agility course before we whacked up the timing for the end of camp race runs. It was great to see all of the athletes pushing it hard against their peers over the 3 runs with Olly Krahelski being the man to beat with some sub-12 second times.

At the end of the day, we all gathered for the awards, Olly being rewarded for his on slope performances with the top prize - a 2012 Atomic Slalom helmet (pictured below). The athlete prizes and goody-bags seem to be getting bigger and better each year, with huge support coming from Atomic and Level especially.

A massive thanks to our sponsors (Atomic and Level) for making the week such a success, we hope to see more of you on the July and August camps..... check out our promo video, courtesy of Atomic:

The 'A' Team

Ambition and Atomic = The 'A' Team.

01 June 2011 AT 18:24:39

Today was all about celebrities and superstars as we decided to run our very own SuperStars fitness competitions......

(Aaron showing his best dance moves)

Imi Taylor arrived this morning ready to take on the challenges from the kids in the plank, press-ups, 5 jumps, agility slalom course and step-ups. Aaron meanwhile set the pace for the men after a pretty heavy gym session last night (gotta slow him down somehow). The kids gave it their best shot and a few of them challenged Imi and Aaron for the top spots - their performances will not go un-mentioned in tomorrow's prize-giving! Ed Drake arrived mid-morning to add some celebrity to the camp, keeping an eye on the next generation of British and Atomic athletes, and towering above them as we played ultimate frisbee this afternoon.

(Toby Case - the only time he was quiet all day!)

On the slopes, we had a really productive day, some awesome improvements this morning and some very exciting skiing in the dual slalom this afternoon. New boy Nicholas Milton smashed through the first round with an awesome display of dual slalom skiing before getting tangled in the nets during round 2. There was some good thrills and spills until only Ryan McCann and Alex Madden were left to battle it out in the final - with 1 win each in the 3-round race, it all came down to the very last race where Mr Madden took it by inches.....

The Atomic crew were also on hand today, taking clips of the camp and athletes for this year's Atomic Camp promo video, keep an eye on the AtomicUKTV YouTube Channel and to see these in due course.