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22 February 2015 AT 14:04:52

I spent most of the 8 hour drive thinking about what i would, should and could write in this blog and what message it should carry - if any. In the end i realised i could go on & on & on forever and people actually have better things to do on a Sunday evening than read endless words / lectures from me. None the less here i am, and it keeps me away from my Hotmail inbox for another hour or so at least....


In this world of social media, i would be surprised if anyone involved in ski racing had failed to hear that Ambition are the English Academy Champions for 2015. It was an amazing week for the Ambition team over in Bormio & i am pleased that we have managed to claw one back on BSA who are 3-2 up in the 5 years that this award has been running! More importantly though, i am proud of our whole team who really did the business - ALL of them. I dont think we have ever had so many athletes contribute to the award as we did this year - a true team effort from a true team.


For me, the team receiving the award at the English on Thursday capped off an incredible week. I had a similar feeling the week before as Paul Henderson made a 27 FIS point result in GS. These 2 achievements carry their obvious merit but it was more than that, it was the  feeling that went with it. Thursday gave me a chance to take in the moment and be proud of the team, 30 mintues to be with the athletes, parents, & staff and enjoy what they had collectively acheived. It was brilliant. As a coach & especially a head coach / organiser / owner, there is a lot of pressure, expectation, managing, mediating and it can take its toll. It is hard to fully appreciate the good times without thinking about the next trip, training, result or logisitc so having time to appreciate this on Thursday was something special. And Paul's result, though individual, was a statement for the team, of what we are about, how we work and what can be acheived. The amazing thing right now is the sense of belonging within the team - being part of something special - and that is infectious. The FIS skiers supporting the children, the chants of 'Wooooooody' at prize-giving and the fact the athletes wanted their coaches up on the podium with them are all part of what this team has become.


So, can we do better? Obviously! As can every skier out there but its nice for all concerned to see the hard work pay off and to have a pat on the back every so often along the way...........


Patting done.


Now lets get back to work!!