From Dusk Until Dawn!

Ambition boys rip it up in Hemsedal Super-G's

23 November 2010 AT 19:43:18

Having started the day at 6am, we finally finished both Super-g runs under floodlight at 5pm this evening. With over 600 runs of Super-G started between the men and women, all credit has to go to the race organizers in Norway!

The Ambition boys finally pulled themselves together and produced some awesome race runs, demonstrating what they can do. Most of them scored career best results and the mood amongst them is absolutely brilliant right now!

A big shout out also has to go to Emily Evans, who after a massive smash yesterday, showed brilliant mental strength to even get out of the gate this morning. Ellie Pocock also showed what she is made of in the 2nd race, though sadly her run was cut short on the 4th last gate when her ski came off, sending her into the nets.

All in all a good day and we are looking forward to a lie in tomorrow followed by the slalom leg of the Super-Combined in the evening (even Tom!). 

Speed Demonds!

Heading out for the first European Super-G's of 20

23 November 2010 AT 05:59:52

Just a quick one this morning as we are about to hit the slopes for the 1st of 2 Super-G's running today in Hemsedal.

The guys had great preparation for this race, running Super-G gates with the Norwegians yesterday, followed by some agility fun and games with the Scottish Ski Team. 

The guys will finally get a lie-in tomorrow morning with the slalom part of the Super-Combined starting at 3.30pm!





Re-Light my fire!

Ambition Team reunite in Hemsedal.....

21 November 2010 AT 22:17:31

The team was re-untied this evening in Hemsedal as the boys finished their 5 hour journey from Bjorli. Unfortunately Ellie and Mouse were DNF's in the Geilo slalom today so we left early and have settled in at Hemsedal, ready for Super-G training from 7-9am tomorrow with the Norges. 

The apartment we have here is sweet - sleeps 12 comfortably with 3 bathrooms and 2 chilling areas and a warm ski room! The location is perfect (apart from being across the hall from the Scots!!!) so everything is set up for the guys to perform well over the next 3 days. 

Rumour has it that Tuesday will be 2x Super-G's on the same slope, followed by the slalom leg of the Super-Combined race on Wednesday night! Sure we'll find out more on that tomorrow!

Night everyone!

You can run but you can't hide!

Bit of everything!

21 November 2010 AT 05:26:34

The race yesterday in Geilo went pretty well, 'Mouse' laid down a brilliant 1st run, and had it not been for the awesome Thea Grosevold winning the run by 1.4 seconds over 2nd place would have been set for a very nice result indeed! Anyway as it happens there were too many mistakes on the 2nd run but very promising racing from Emily and we seem to have taken care of the pre-race nerves too. Bodes well for the slalom this morning.

Gotta love the Norwegian Schedule: 7.45-8.00 am inspection, 8.30 start. At least we get half an hour between inspection and the start  this morning - yesterday it was 15 mins!

All the girls are looking strong in slalom, so with Ellie starting as-well today, i believe both girls will do the business in the race. Good luck to them and to the boys who will be starting their last race in Bjorli this morning. Tonight we will all meet up in Hemsedal to get ready for the SG/SC races!! 


Yesterday's shots....

20 November 2010 AT 06:03:46

Just about to head out to the race hill with Emily.... its still pitch black!!!

''The Riddler''

Snaps of GB's answer to Bode Miller...

19 November 2010 AT 20:47:45

Been getting my hands on a fair few action shots for the website recently, courtesy of

As i keep getting sent pics of Mr. Riddell, i thought it only fair that we make a little blog-shrine in honor of the wee man. With moves like these, it wont be long until he claims top spot. Here's to the dark horse of children's racing, we love your style.


Van temperature reads -21 this morning!!!

19 November 2010 AT 20:47:04

So, jumped in the van this morning and was greeted by a -21 temperature reading!!! Great!!! My god it was cold today here in Geilo. Anyway the girls got their act together on the sunny-side World Cup hill this morning during our GS session and produced some of the better GS turns i have seen this camp. Emily Evans got her first race of the season under her belt and although she was slightly tentative on the 1st run, she nailed some sweet turns on the 2nd before making a slight error on the pitch which cost her a result sadly.

This evening saw Ambition team up with the Scots for a bit of Agility/Balance/Ultimate frisbee action in the snow - great fun and a nice change from the standard recovery runs.

The girls are set to run 1st tomorrow with a start time of 08.15 and with some of the World's best skiers in town, Emily (Mouse) will be starting at bib 100.

Still struggling with the photo uploads with the internet in this cabin, will get some up bright and early tomorrow!

Race goes All-White in Bjorli

Tom White seals second GS result in Bjorli

18 November 2010 AT 22:34:30

A tough day for the boys over in Bjorli, ''too many costly mistakes'' was the report back from coach Olly Robinson this morning. Tom White managed to grind out a 2nd result to go with his 73 point score from Valle Nevado this summer, however there is masses of room for improvement there for all three boys and they will get another chance to go again on the same hill in the 2nd GS race tomorrow.

Ski Racing is a tough sport as we all know and while this blog is about promoting the skiers at Ambition, we want to give an insight into the sport as a whole - getting to the top is about having good, average and bad days and learning from each day no matter what the outcome is. The boys will have analyzed the day, and will benefit from todays experience in tomorrows race. Good luck to all 3 boys for tomorrow.

The girls meanwhile hit it hard this morning with some slalom skiing in Geilo while suffering the -15 conditions. All 3 girls have looked strong in slalom over the past few days which bodes well for the season ahead. The GS skiing needs more work and we will start tomorrow morning running a GS session with Emily and Ellie, before heading across to the first of our races here, with Emily (Mouse) Evans starting at bib 93.

The Battle of Bjorli.....

Boys preparations go well on last training day.

17 November 2010 AT 21:26:21

Wow, the internet sucks here! The last hour has been spent trying to download one picture.... knowing ski teams well, i'm sure there is a lot of downloading going on in the surrounding cabins! Anyway onto today.......

The boys completed their last GS training sessions in Bjorli today before they start the first of their races tomorrow. Olly Robinson - mens tech coach for this camp commented ''The boys took a run or 2 to adjust to the rollers on the race piste but after a few runs they looked pretty good, we were training full race length so it gives us a realistic idea of how things will run tomorrow.''

The training in Bjorli, like Geilo has provided the Ambition Race Team with excellent opportunities to train on some tough terrain and in difficult conditions. Today, the girls ran a slalom session in the morning and GS on the race hill this afternoon, with the same plan scheduled for tomorrow before the races start on Friday. 

Keep an eye out for the results of tomorrow race on and best of luck to Roy, Tom and Luke!!!!!

'Hey everybody...... Come see how good i look!'

Ambition Race Team Clothing; Signed, Sealed, Deliv

17 November 2010 AT 00:03:39

The countdown to the winter season is upon us and sponsors, supporters and suppliers of the Ambition Race Team seem keener than ever to tie down deals, exclusive contracts and plans for the winter and beyond. With Atomic, Reed's School, Level Gloves, Ski Bartlett, Sidecut Tuning and Surrey Sports Park bringing new ideas and offers to the table in recent weeks we are set to enjoy a quality season with some of the sports biggest names behind us. 

The upcoming 'NEWS' section will keep you up to date with all the official stories in the near future, however for now, take a look at the visuals for the new Limited-Edition Ambition Casual Clothing range.

With market leaders Adidas upping their sponsorship of the Ambition Race Team and Snow & Rock delivering the new team luggage well ahead of schedule, the athletes will be hitting the slopes, gym and podium with style in 2011.

Land of the Vikings.....

Ambition Race Team gets back to work in Scandinavi

16 November 2010 AT 23:08:25

The Ambition Race Team touched down in Oslo, Norway yesterday, ready to embark on the next camp, the next races and the next chapter of an already successful 2010. The Ambition boys traveled straight to Bjorli to prepare for the FIS series being held there from the 18th-21st November, while the girls headed off to Geilo where they will be competing from the 19th-21st November. 

The conditions in Norway at this time of year suck for punters, but we at Ambition love it - cold weather, clear skies and rock solid artificial snow with a dusting of 'fresh' on top. Today provided the boys with some full-on slalom training in Bjorli alongside the 'Norges', while the girls free-skied Slalom, GS and Super-G in Geilo. This evening gave way to the mother of all ski prep sessions - tough work, but when you have your sights set on the top spots, you cant let anything get in your way.

Tomorrow we'll be hitting another double session, slalom with the Scots in the morning, GS on the race piste in the afternoon. 

Wish we had one of those in England!!!

Landgraaf Weekend proves huge success for Ambition

16 November 2010 AT 11:53:04

Wow..... its taken a few days to finally get the time to get back online! Saturday proved to be a huge success in Holland, the facility is just awesome and you can get so much work done in a short space of time at Landgraaf. We stuck to our schedule and finished the day off, cutting up the slopes on our boards with Justin taking Beth and Izzy through their first turns and falls!!

We traveled back on Sunday after an intense morning, just in time to unpack, re-pack and jet off to Oslo for the FIS camp with the juniors. More blogging from Norway to follow, for now, here are some shots from Landgraaf.

Windmills and Clogs......

Ambition Race Team Arrive in Landgraaf, Holland

12 November 2010 AT 21:47:42

On any usual trip, the weather presented to us on arrival would be cause for concern, however with the weekend ahead being spent indoors at Landgraaf, we can look forward to great visibility, low winds and hard snow!!!!

The program for tomorrow is as follows:

7.30am Breakfast

8.30am - 10.30am Session 1 snow (technical)

11am - 12noon Session 2 snow (technical)

12noon - 1pm - Lunch

1.45pm - 2.15pm - Video

2.30 - 4.30 - Gates / Courses / Tactics

5pm - 6pm - Gym Session

7pm - Dinner

8pm - 9pm - Snowboarding!!!!

Thats how we roll at Ambition, don't get it twisted, skis are prepped and ready to go, thanks ATOMIC -