School's Out!

Short message from Rose and the Ambition Tutors

23 December 2010 AT 22:01:31


The tutors at Ambition would just like to say a huge thank you to the children for working extremely hard during their time in school. Despite their tiredness and the fact that a number of their schools at home have been closed for a number of days now, they have continue to stay focussed and soldier on. They are due a well-deserved break!


We would also like to thank their schools and their parents for their communications and support.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Ambition tutors


Rolling Out!

Action packed last few days as Ambition Race Team

23 December 2010 AT 21:46:07


Its sometimes a tall order to squeeze all the action from Bormio into a daily blog, however hard we try!! In the past few days we have had the big team meal, Beth's birthday (plus cake), Christmas presents for the whole Ambition Team, plus the mother of all powder days. With Will Wheeler putting Moustache Monday firmly on the map here, the girls decided they weren't happy about growing their facial hair, so upped the game yesterday with Whiskers Wednesday's, then after skiing came the mass snowball fight (actually more like a war), where i was reminded yet again that the juniors are now bigger and stronger than me! Getting dump tackled by 100 kilos of Ashley really hurts!

Yesterday we were forced to re-schedule our SG training as the new snow fell and instead spent the morning training some slalom..... not bad from some of the guys but really, seeing the new snow we all had one thing in minds for today..... Pow Pow. 

So this morning out came the twin tips and everyone got involved in the fun and games, Ashley Hill giving us all some laughs as he flew out of the trees clearing a path and disappearing into oblivion - the mood on the last day has been great and after 3 weeks of hard work from all the staff and athletes, it was great to just go free-skiing and remind ourselves why we all love this sport so much.

Its been a brilliant start to the winter for the New Ambition, lots of fun, lots of results and lots of snow! So well done to everyone and lets hope it continues right through the winter.

Merry Christmas, hopefully Heathrow will be clear tomorrow and you will all get your kids back! 

See you in the new year,


'Oh no, Luke are you ok......?!' Will to the rescue!

The worst rescue attempt ever..... Head crushed by Will's boot.

Girls sporting their new look......

Lunch turns into yet another snow war......

Talking down a radio gets boring sometimes...... still got a few tricks in me!

Then Roy had to go one better!!!



Good to finally have some reliable timing gear....

21 December 2010 AT 16:24:00

So after the last few years of the Brower Timing System playing havoc with our training (pretty sure it has a brain and just decides not to work some days!), we have invested this year in a brand new MicroGate system - What a relief!! Every run accounted for and a great way to get the guys in 'race' mode - something that every member of the Ambition Team needs to work on. 

So the guys suited up and this is how they faired on the 1st run:

  1. Aaron Tipping - 32.07
  2. Brad Morgan - 32.90
  3. Roy Steudle - 33.50
  4. James Foster - 33.53
  5. Ash Hill - 33.91
  6. Luke Steyn - 34.04
  7. Ellie Pocock - 34.89
  8. Emily Evans - 34.97
  9. Barney Lewis - 35.01
  10. Peter Glasgow - 35.01
  11. Kieran Norris - 36.44
  12. Amy Young - 36.56
  13. Vi Miller - 36.64
  14. Emily Pocock - 36.72
  15. Joe Webb - DNF

2nd run:

  1. Aaron Tipping - 31.92
  2. Brad Morgan - 32.60
  3. James Foster - 33.00
  4. Ash Hill - 33.13
  5. Roy Steudle - 33.15
  6. Joe Webb - 34.10
  7. Barney Lewis - 35.12
  8. Peter Glasgow - 35.23
  9. Emily Evans - 35.76
  10. Kieran Norris - 36.18
  11. Violet Miller - 36.39
  12. Emily Pocock - 36.56
  13. Ellie Pocock - DNF
  14. Amy Young - DNF
  15. Luke Steyn - DNF

There were some good improvements from the younger athletes today, many of whom got better and better as the session went on - the more we can replicate a race situation with race pressures the better!

On to Super-G tomorrow!

Eye of the Tiger.....

Race program finishes as Junior and Senior athlete

20 December 2010 AT 17:05:54

A few more days of racing and travelling have gone by since the last blog from me..... the 95's plus Pedro (Peter Glasgow) went down to Madesimo for the weekend to race in a couple of GS NJR's, while the juniors and seniors finished the series with some slaloms in Speikboden. 

The 95's are getting better with each race.... there is so much to learn as a 1st year junior and the guys are starting to realize that they really have to 'race' if they want to be anywhere near the leaders. That means pushing the limits at all times. 

The slalom's in Speikboden did not go so much to plan, we had some great runs, notably Aaron Tipping again moving from 16th to 6th in the 2nd slalom, however these performances did not quite make it to the results page. The girls meanwhile struggled a little more with the terrain than in the GS's. It was great for them to see U.S Team skier; Sarah Schleper in action and get an idea of where they are in relation to some of the world's best.

Anyway onto today in Bormio - bearable weather, rock solid piste and a brilliant GS session. Pedro and Barney Lewis put in some great runs, and a few technical points seem to have clicked for Violet Miller too - this was great for me to see after a few days away. Emily Evans, looked back on form after missing the slaloms last week with a bug and Ashley Hill got his first few GS turns under his belt after his extended leave!!

Lets hope tomorrow brings similar conditions and even better skiing before we head to Caspoggio for SG training on Wednesday and Thursday!

How we rise and how we fall

CH GS training

20 December 2010 AT 14:39:58


Last Sunday the Ambition children kicked off a week of Giant Slalom training , the quiet slopes also allowed them the opportunity run their Super G skis in. I’d love to say it’s all been great fun but with temperatures plummeting to -42C at Bormio 3000..... Burrrrrrr. Despite these crazy temperatures and having to use the café to thaw out the kids, performance and attitudes have been fantastic. All members of the Ambition Children’s team have really knuckled down and made improvements to their technique. Although these good results do not come without some spectacular crashes, as Will Wheeler can confirm. For some strange reason Will wanted to check the snow temp using his face, he then declared his love for the snow by kissing it... HARD! However every cloud has a silver lining. These Baltic temperatures have brought us a brilliant base for the season so we can't complain. I just want it to warm up a little before my toes and fingers fall off.


Ambition Team nail it in Mt. Spicco....

16 December 2010 AT 15:40:27

So maybe i was selling the team a little short yesterday, turns out that 5 of the 10 athletes we brought here made their best results in yesterday's GS... here's how they faired:

  • Luke Steyn - 80 points. First GS result under 100 - massive jump from his current 135, skied 2 runs cleanly with only a few errors.
  • Roy Steudle - 67 points. Scrappy 2nd run but carried speed really well on the flats.
  • Emily Pocock - 145 points. A little bit tentative in places but came away with her first sub 150 result in GS, a good step forward.
  • Ellie Pocock - 83 points. First result under 100 in any discipline!! Congrats!! Skied well in places but a lot more to come yet.
  • Emily Evans - 91 points. Not the best skiing we've seen but ground out a result none the less.

Today saw a few DNF's from the team, however there were still some great performances with personal best results yet again;

  • Emily Evans - 66 points. 2 consistent runs, 2nd run looked confident like in training.
  • Alex Buchanan - 145 points. Really good skiing on the steep 2nd run, more work needed on flats!

I should also mention Ellie Pocock who was set for another PB today without question but sadly caught an edge and straddled over a rise on the 2nd run! A little sore and annoyed but great skiing until that point for Ellie.....

It seems there have been a lot of very strong performances from the Ambition Racing Junior and Senior group in the short space of time that we have been racing this winter. It is great for the whole team, including all of the children, to see that they are part of a program that is working and delivering.... for the coaches, house-mums, teachers and parents too, it is great to see that the hard work we all do is paying off.

Looking forward to tomorrow already!

Ciao for now,



Ambition Team head up the Ahrntal Valley to race M

15 December 2010 AT 18:01:18

Just a quick blog in between dinner and race meetings.....

Myself and Andrea are now up the Ahrntal valley by Austria where it is soooooooo cold.....! Minus 20 today with no sign of sun or it ever getting warmer!

The race was delayed until 11 while they worked out how to set up the timing but once we got going it was all over pretty fast. The hill here is quite technical for GS, lots of terrain and rolls with no 2 turns being the same, made for some interesting viewing with a lot of DNF's throughout the field.

As a group we help it together reasonably well, there are definitely some results to be had here if 2 clean runs are laid down. No results as of yet though Luke and Ellie Pocock we believe will have scored their best ever GS results. Keep your eyes on!

As for photos.......? Well lets say frostbite is not worth it!!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

Great end to a great series.

Ambition athletes nail the final day of racing in

12 December 2010 AT 20:50:57

So, today went pretty well again with some good results from the Ambition athletes. Aaron Tipping who was fast in the first GS, laid down a sweet first run to place 6th from bib 25. James Foster followed suit, placing 18th from bib 43 and then Emily Evans jumping from bib 28 into 11th.

The 2nd run was equally as exciting with Aaron Tipping firing down on his Atomic single-decks, taking and holding the lead until the last 2, securing both a podium position and a P.B result in the process (42). Emily Evans also held her own on the 2nd run and ended up with an 11th position overall and her best points score to date in any discipline (72).

It was great to see so many of the team skiing well this week and making results, the athletes all know they have more in the tank but none the less it has been a great start on our home hill.

A special mention must go to Aaron Tipping, who is starting to look seriously good again. Today was by no means perfect from Aaron and there is without doubt room for improvement, however he has showed that even at 90% he can contend with the best skiers his age. Anyone that knows Aaron, knows of the tough times he has been through over the last 4 years and it is an absolute credit to him and his family that he is still on skis and starting to show what he is capable of.

Smiles All Round......

More P.B results as Ambition Race Team go from str

11 December 2010 AT 21:36:03



Todays slalom proved to be a success for many of the Ambition team as they negotiated the Stella Alpina Piste once more. We have been blessed with some great conditions here - the rain followed by cold overnight temperatures have made for a very grippy, solid piste - showing few ruts even after 140 skiers.

The first Bormio CIT slalom saw a number of Ambition athletes score personal best results; Joseph Webb (82), James Foster (53), Emily Evans (81), Ellie Pocock (100). Other athletes put in some good runs also, with Roy Steudle scoring a 2nd result and Alex Buchanan getting better each day. Violet Miller put some points on the board with her first slalom result too. The younger boys had a few issues today but after some stern words i think tomorrow will be a different story.

Today was a day off for the Children athletes while new athletes arrived and we would like to say a very warm welcome to Beth Soman, Oliver Chalkley, Finlay Davies, Max Asquith, Amy Young, Luke Steyn and Peter Glasgow.

Tomorrow is the last race of the CIT series and the coaches are confident that the guys can pull some more results out of the bag before taking a well deserved day-off on Monday.

Bormio CIT GS - Take 2!

Another successful day on the Stella Alpina piste.

10 December 2010 AT 20:30:31

Just a short one today as i am knackered!!!!

The guys competed in the 2nd GS on the Stella Alpina piste today and notched up a few more P.B results.

Emily Evans made her best result in GS to date - another step in the right direction, while Ellie Pocock put in another solid performance to get her best result to date in any discipline.

Onto Slalom tomorrow, for now here's a pic from today:

Barney riding the ruts!


Athletes get to grips with the lingo.....

09 December 2010 AT 21:22:10

The Ambition athletes have been getting to grips with the Italian language this week thanks to an introductory lesson from teacher Amy Doonan. Amy, who is the new languages tutor at Ambition, is fluent in both French and Italian and is helping the whole team (staff included) pick up some new words and phrases.

The athletes seem to love the lessons and are looking forward to their next ones!

For now it's 'Sogni Dora' to all our friends out there.


Tip'd for success.......

Bormio CIT race report and more......

09 December 2010 AT 20:52:46

Not a bad start in Bormio, the rain from yesterday did us a favour as the cold temperatures overnight turned the slope to concrete and we had a day with minimal ruts and very very fast snow!

Stand out performance goes to Aaron Tipping from the Ambition Senior Team who came from bib 28 to finish 7th overall, a performance that included some big mistakes in the  2nd run.

The girls also made a promising start with Ellie Pocock completing two consistent runs to confirm a GS P.B result. Violet Miller, Kieran Norris and Barney Lewis - the youngest members of the Ambition Junior Team, continue to gain experience and knowledge with every start.

Everyone has their own game plan for tomorrow and we are expecting another step forward on the Stella Alpine Piste.

Violet Miller in Action.

Ellie laying it over.

Numbers for tomorrow:

Emily Evans: 43

Ellie Pocock: 55

Alex Buchanan: 57

Violet Miller: 58

Emily Pocock: 60


Brad Morgan: 4

James Foster: 20

Aaron Tipping: 26

Roy Steudle: 39

Joe Webb: 82

Barney Lewis: 107

Kieran Norris: 131

Wet, Wet, Wet.


08 December 2010 AT 15:17:48

And it all started so beautifully......

Little bit (understatement) of rain fell here today - GS training off but we managed to make use of the time with some technical drills that we have been in need of anyway, so storm jackets were out (Alex Buchanan sporting her new military style one) and by the time we left the hill we were well and truely soaked through!

Lets hope it clears overnight and freezes like concrete for the races.

Ruts + Slackers!!

Team train GS on La Rocca followed by co-ordinatio

07 December 2010 AT 20:38:50

Good training day today for the juniors, some tough condition on La Rocca piste as the ruts developed throughout the morning getting everyone ready for the races ahead. They are set to be pretty packed so it will take a lot of commitment and some agile skiing to be successful this weekend. After the snow session we decided the athletes could do with some fine tuning on their balance skills.

Todays fitness session saw the team negotiate the slack-line (tight-rope) with Roy Steudle showing how it should be done - not content with going forwards has decided to try and learn to walk along it backwards. The girls got to grips with standing on the fit-balls in the snow while improving their juggling skills at the same time!

Quick pic of the view first thing this morning!

Don't be a fool..... Stay in School

Ambition Education Program Underway on 'Moustache

06 December 2010 AT 21:37:19

The Ambition tutors got down to work today on the first day back at school. After a few tears from the kids, wondering if they would make new friends and who they would sit next to, classes started and the work began at Bormio College.

It is great that students at Ambition can carry out their studies in classrooms at the Bormio College as it provides athletes with a real educational atmosphere in a setting that is conducive to learning. 

On the hill today, the Juniors and Children pumped out the slalom runs on the top section of the Bormio WC downhill piste, while the Senior athletes were tested in GS on the same hill. With the snow still falling, the slopes quickly rutted up, making for some tough training but more importantly a realistic session for the up-coming races here at the end of the week. 

On a lighter note, Mr Wheeler has raised the bar for 'Moustache Mondays' once again with a full collection of styles now available (we think Ali just got annoyed with scrubbing marker pen off of his face).

Ambition FIS Coach Melody McCague sporting the new style....

GS tomorrow - time to sleep!

Funday Sunday!!!

Free skiing day in Bormio - a great start!

05 December 2010 AT 21:21:32

After a long travel day yesterday, the team laid down their first runs on the Bormio slopes today. Since we arrived it seems to have been snowing every other day, setting the resort up well for the winter and providing some great conditions and pow for free-skiing today.

We have welcomed 2 new additions to the Ambition Race Team this camp; FIS coach Melody McCague who is already proving a hit with the Juniors and Kieran Norris who completes the junior boys set up for 2010/2011 winter season.

This is the first of many optional weeks this season and the set-up is just perfect. Will and Luke are getting 1:1 training with the 2 children's coaches - an amazing opportunity for them to make some real progress, while the Junior and Senior Teams are working on a 1:4 basis. 

The FIS team are getting geared up and ready to start their first races of this camp from Thursday through to Sunday on the Stella Alpina slope at Bormio 2000.


Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow!!!

Bormio set up and ready to go for the winter....

03 December 2010 AT 18:43:23

It's been a few days since i've managed to get on here but after an epic journey out to Bormio which started early on Tuesday morning we have arrived safe and sound in Bormio with everything set-up and ready to go for tomorrow when the athletes arrive tomorrow....

Our travel day looked something like this:

11.45pm Monday - Depart

02.00 Tuesday - Ferry Dover - Dunkerque

19.00 Tuesday - Collect New Transporter from Germany (Friedrichshafen)

21.05 Tuesday - Arrive at Davos Tunnel (closed at 20.50)

21.20 Tuesday - Find Garage selling chains to go over pass.

21.22 Tuesday - Realise no chains on sale to fit our tyres.

21.23 Tuesday - Curse a lot.

21.30 Tuesday - Give up and search for hotel.

22.45 Tuesday - Find hotel (closed but beg for a room).

23.30 Tuesday - Realise staying in massive hotel as the only guests is pretty scary.

00.00 Tuesday - Sleep! Aaaaah!

08.00 Wednesday - Wake up to even more new snow...... get excited..... curse again at lack of chains.

8.30 Wednesday - Back to Davos tunnel and informed of new 'winter price scheme and late night opening hours'. Curse again.

11.00 Wednesday - Arrive in Livigno...... CHAINS at last.

13.00 Wednesday - Arrive in Bormio.


Moral of the story......... FLY!


Anyway all's well that end's well arrived to about 3 foot of fresh powder in town, unpacked, set-up and ready to go!

Here's a few snaps - Senior boys are busy building a kicker out the back!

The defender cannot be stopped..... even with this much snow....

Trying to hide behind an twig....

Joe doing a weights session......