Kitzsteinhorn... Autumn or Winter?

New Children's Team, New Base, New Snow, New Coach

24 October 2011 AT 19:37:31

Unbelievably, we're almost half way through the camp already, and having finally had our first day off today to take a break from the early starts and the long days on the hill, there's now time to fill everybody in.

So four days down on the hill, another five to go, and so far things couldn't have gone better training wise. We were greeted on the first day to some less than desirable weather - zero visibility and plenty of fresh snow falling all the time - but since then we've had blue skies all day every day, and almost perfect snow conditions. With the snow being as it is, and the temperature being as cold as it is at the moment, the days  feel more like January than October. Having skied GS gates so far this camp with the main focus being upper and lower body separation for the children athletes, both myself and Aaron have been really impressed with all the hard work and improvements going on each day. As we move into slalom tomorrow with 5 days left, there's still plenty of time to see the children continue to go from strength to strength.

The view from the glacier...

The view from the glacier...

Everybody seems to have settled in really well to Haus Tirol, the new Ambition base, with darts board in particular becoming a favourite amongst the athletes at the moment. We're almost all set for the winter now, and what a winter it promises to be... The children's team is showing some great promise at the moment, both from those in their first year of children racing to those almost in their last.

The Gang

With us skiing such long days, and almost always being the last team (along with the juniors) on the training piste each day, we've placed less of a focus on fitness and the like, especially compared to the summer camp. But with no skiing today, we finally had time to see some more of our new home for the coming season, and took a trip to Kaprun to have a go on the 'Meisflitzer', an all-year-round toboggan track that runs down the side of the Meiskogel skiing area.

And here we go with the final stint... 3 days of slalom and 2 more days of GS. Fingers crossed this sunny wintery weather continues...



The day it all began.... again!

19 October 2011 AT 09:36:21

Ok, so the athletes will arrive this morning and luckily we are ready at Haus Tirol. Since the 20th September when i collected the keys, there has been a huge amount going on. 

Having missed my flight on Sunday (not so funny) i arrived Monday morning to find the ski room finished and the electrics ready for the athletes lounge etc to be finished.

The sofa came just on time yesterday and then Hieronymous arrived with a truck load of new gym equipment, we still have a few items to come but the guys spent a few hours putting up the mirrors and getting the power rack in place.

All in all we are there! Just a few erands to run this morning then we'll be off to Salzburg to collect the kids...... oh and the snow is coming today, just in time to set us up for the sunny days to follow.

Time to get back to the part i enjoy - Coaching!!!

Keep an eye out on the blog for the updates and enjoy.

Haus-Tirol progress report!!!

10 October 2011 AT 01:50:56

Busy last few days.... the drive is shorter than getting to Bormio but it is still a bit of a mission. Tristan decided we should get the ferry and that was our first mistake, it just drags the day out. Tunnel every time from now on.

So we arrived here on Thursday night, with another van packed full of 'boom boxes', wax kits and the odd door or shower unit. It was a cross between Bartletts and B&Q.

First thing on Monday morning the guy from Hieronymous fitness arrived with our new gym flooring, the first for the cardio room - light weight, slightly cushioned and easy to cut. Myself and Roy got that one down in no time - though the edges of the room did take a while. Some of the gym kit arrived too so the room below just needs the rest of the cardio/core kit to arrive plus the mirrors and it will be finished!

Next up came the weights room. Now the flooring for this room is extremely dense in order to absorb the force of dropping the weights, however this meant that the 10m x 2m roll weighed in at just over 200kg. Originally we left it outside, but eventually plucked up the courage to try and move it downstairs.... myself and Roy nearly ended up as 2-dimensional cardboard cut-out type figures but we managed to roll/twist/grind the flooring downstairs. Once the power-rack, rubber dumbbells and mirrors arrive, the room below will also be finished!

In the midst of the flooring arriving and being laid, we had Andy Crane out from ABC to put a false wall and sliding door in the senior boys room. 2 days work was squeezed into 22 hours and at about 2am Saturday morning after about our 10th cup of tea we finally managed to get to bed....... i think you will all agree the finished job looks absolutely awesome!

And last but not least..... I managed to get the dartboard up after finally clearing all of the odd doors and cabinets out of the video room - note the extra wall protection - Bob the builder eat your heart out.

Lots done in just 3 days and i have even (if only 5 mins ago) replied to everyone's emails. Head Children's Coach, Benn Hall will arrive tomorrow so that we can go over all of the Ambition plans and programs for a few days before kicking off in little over a week at Haus-Tirol.

The website for the Hotel is, we are yet to change much but i am sure you will all enjoy the music as much as me ;-)



New Pics...

Just an update....

02 October 2011 AT 13:34:07

I'm back for a few days before driving back out to Austria with more kit, staff and materials to finish off the house before the first camp on 19th October! 

The ski room is looking good, they are well on target with that, loads of space, well insulated and the lights will go in next week....

Having made god knows how many beds and wardrobes in the last 14 days, i am all set for a career in IKEA, one question though - How hard is it to count 14 screws.... not 13, not 16, just 14? In true 'man' fashion, i did not count the screws etc first, better to plough ahead and realise 2 hours later that you cant quite finish it! 

The gym rooms. This was our focus for most of last week, the bar room was stripped as per last photos, the electrics have now been re-done, we have safety lights up (don't want anyone getting a tube light over the skull) and the walls have been plastered and painted. On Thursday i headed down to Hieronymous Fitness in Salzburg, which is basically the biggest warehouse i have seen, full of gym equipment. The chief Michael is an ex-power lifter, full of useful information and will be making our racks to specification. He also has a shopping list 3 pages long of equipment to bring up to Leogang on the 7th October, including proper weight lifting flooring.

The downstairs bedrooms are also finished with laminate flooring now in place so next week the furniture can go in and away we go.

I'll keep the pics coming as the gym equipment arrives next week, will now be a case of the finer details, decor etc etc.

Apart from that, i am awaiting news of Will Wheelers most recent race result, hopefully he is finishing off the summer season in style!


(yep this is the same room that had wood covering over every wall and the horrendous looking bar inside)

(not so exciting, but this room looked more like a jail cell 14 days ago)