Head Down, Work Hard.

It's worked for us so far........

24 November 2011 AT 22:04:31

Been using the new facebook group for the quick updates and few photos recently as it saves a little time in our schedule here but today was a pretty awesome day up on the Kitz. We had a good GS session this morning where Imi Taylor made some great steps forward and i think we are back on track at last. Luke Riddell was also trying a few new things, he always looks pretty handy on GS skis but we're looking for a bit more power now.

This afternoon we set up a few GS gates, nice and open for feeling and getting the movements right again, Luke Steyn joined us and it was cool to see how much his GS skiing has come on in the last 10 days, some great work from him and Kevin there.

This afternoon/evening we went down the road to our local climbing wall where Mr Riddell showed me up by ragging it up a few walls in record time. Its great on these quieter weeks to get some cross training in with just a few athletes. We are making progress fast and working hard and i am sure it will all pay off soon. 

Anyway, its getting late - there are new pics up on the athlete profiles courtesy of Neil Mcquoid at Racer Ready, big thanks to him... 

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on this blog and Amb Ambition-Racing facebook group for more updates.

For now its off to bed so we can get up and work our butts off again tomorrow....!

(Maybe i'll treat myself to a nice chocolate waffle with some whipped cream, i've heard it's all the rage and can really help with training.... Nat)

Bon Nuit.

New Pics....

New shots to liven up the site courtesy of Racer R

20 November 2011 AT 16:15:27

After a few weeks of sifting through the Racer Ready archives, Neil Mcquoid has been kind enough to help up liven up the site with some new action shots....

We'll be uploading them to the site over the next week - get in touch with Neil if you want to get your hands on a hard copy.

Current British Jn1 Slalom Champ - Peter Glasgow Pictured below....

Glasgow in Glasgow....

Ambition athletes still doing the business indoors

19 November 2011 AT 17:35:32

So, ive dusted off the blog as its been feeling a bit neglected recently.....

October camp was pretty damn busy so we skipped that part and since then well, basically ive been writing and recieving emails and the athletes have been back at school getting ahead of their work (we hope) and beasting the fitness ready for December.

Norway sadly got canned but the senior team plus Imi and Luke Riddell (arriving next week) will back training, getting in the vital mileage before the first races (if it ever snows) in December.

Anyway enough of that, for this weekend saw little Sarah Glasgow take gold up in Glasgow at the Scottish Indoor Champs, but she was not the only one with William Wheeler continuing his form towards the winter, taking 3rd place CH2 (6th overall), and a few scalps along the way. Ella and Olivia Ward were also there, great to see Ella back on the results sheet after her injury scare in October to finish 3rd CH1 with sister Olivia close behind in 5th.

The UK race scene is looking strong and it is great that so many Ambition athletes are getting on skis on a weekly basis. With a new series in 2012, i personally have just joined Hemel and we are trying to get a few more coaches out of retirement to compete next summer! I even chucked on a pair of rear-entry boots and rental skis last night to do race training at Norwich last night - I've missed the cold nights, floodlights and blasting gates.... and the rental equipment does make it more of a lottery as to if you are actually going to make a gate or crash right through it!

In other news..... Freya Eaton has won the Warick District Sports Person of the Year award and Beth Soman has been put on the Elite athletes program at her school, both great achievments and well deserved.

Must do better with the blog.... i'll keep you posted on the new Ambition Facebook page Amb Ambition-Racing!