25 September 2011 AT 19:52:00

Will Wheeler actually 9th overall in Hemel Champs..... sorry about that one!!

All in a week of Ambition.....

Lots going on in the lead up to first core camp on

25 September 2011 AT 09:03:49

It's been a hectic 2 weeks since returning from Chile with lots of going on for many of the Ambition athletes, coaches and parents!

Last weekend we had the Hemel Champs where William Wheeler came in just behind Robert Poth (2nd CH2 / 3rd Overall) with another strong summer performance, while Anna Henderson skied brilliantly to win the CH2 category and finish 2nd overall. At the same time we had Benn Hall up at the coaching conference and i am yet to catch up with him (despite his efforts) to see what we missed up there.

At the same time myself, Justin and Harriet travelled out to Austria to collect the keys for Haus Tirol, working solidly from Tuesday onwards (i've still not unpacked). We have been ripping out the downstairs gym rooms, with many of the locals collecting their fire-wood from us for the winter, the ski room also is HUUUUGE, the Austrians have done a great job with that and this weekend we have had Mark Garfoot from Surrey Sports Park come out to design the gym rooms and order the equipment to make sure we are making best use of the space.

We had some help from Andrew and Mandy too, passing through with all the kit from Bormio in the big van, much to the anger of customs at each border but it's all here!

(Last but not least, for all the parents reading this who are waiting for replies to emails.... i am locked out of hotmail. So please call, i can receive calls on usual phone though cannot always here it past the hammers and drills).

Enjoy the pics.

Old Bar.......

New Bar..... (to be gym room 1)

Old Sauna......

New Sauna...... (to be Justin's Bedroom)

Old Shed........

New Shed...... (to be ski room)..... This pic doesn't do it justice though.....

That's better.......

This and that....!

The countdown to take-over.....

14 September 2011 AT 22:02:55

I haven't really pushed this side of things much, we are moving location to Haus-Tirol in Leogang and we are getting things ready for that at Ambition right now. It's pretty busy but equally it's all very, very exciting.... next Tuesday i will be collecting the keys for the new place in Leogang and then have around 4 weeks to be perfectly ready for the first core camp of the 11/12 winter, starting on the 19th October.

Think these guys are going to become my new best mates:

So i'll be trying to keep everyone up to date with developments right here on the Ambition Blog, for now however, Jutty has finished his first I-Movie production, an area he will most certainly be an expert in by April!!


Ella Ward - Welsh Club Skier of the Year

One of Wales' most promising young skiers presente

14 September 2011 AT 17:38:17

We were just back from Chile this weekend while the Welsh Champs were going on at Pontypool, where for the 2nd weekend running, Ella Ward's name came out on top with a series of strong runs.

Ella took the CH1 title in both the Welsh National and Welsh Open Championships and was then unexpectedly awarded the Helen May Trophy also. At the start of the summer Ella seemed frustrated with her skiing/racing but certainly the tail end of this season has been hugely successful and to have recognition of that is brilliant.

Ella has only just recently become part of the Ambition Team so we want to congratulate her on her hard work throughout this summer, and also the Dragon's Team who i know she has carried out much her skiing to date with. Lets hope she can keep the improvement going right through the winter season.

Great job and a great honour for Ella to receive such an award.

From Snow to Water

Skiing, fitness, BBQ and wake boarding... All in a

12 September 2011 AT 21:52:01

So yesterday saw half of Ambition's Childrens Team athletes and coaches get together for a day of crammed full of activities. With a bunch of athletes new to the Ambition setup this coming season, not to mention an all-new coaching lineup, yesterday provided the perfect opportunity to get to know each other away from the mountains!

Unfortunately not everybody could make it yesterday due to either skiing or school commitments (special mention goes to both Ella and Olivia Ward who came 1st and 2nd in their age groups respectively both days at the Welsh Champs this weekend!), but the day was a great success all the same.

After an early start, we were straight on the slope at Hemel for 2 hours of skiing outside of slalom gates, with a few technical drills, but the main aim was just to get 2 hours on skis just enjoying it and having some fun. This was followed by some fitness just before lunch over at the sports track next to the slope. Again, nothing too serious, just a circuits session to begin with to see how the summer fitness training has come along (lots of good planks going on which was good to see) followed by some work on the fit balls, sit fits and balance boards.

The boys enjoying 'The Plank'

Beth 'in the zone' on the balance board

A HUGE thanks goes to Steven and Jackie Smith who without doubt put on a brilliant BBQ at the house at lunch time, which set us up perfectly for some wakeboarding to top the day off! We even had some of the dads join in, giving their coaches a run for their money for sure, especially a certain Mr Tipping who seemed to have some trouble getting up on his board... It seemed that by the end of the session Luke Maynard and Ben Smith had gotten bored of wakeboarding and preferred instead to be dragged around on the cable boardless, each to their own eh...

Will arcing it out on the water

The Oldies getting briefed on their kneeboards

All in all though, a great day and great chance to catch up with everybody. Days like today make you realise that sometimes it's good for teammates to get to know each other away from the snow, and it's something that we'll certainly be doing time and time again in the future. With a brilliant group of kids like those on the Ambition Children's Team this year, both myself and Aaron don't doubt for a second the bright prospects of this coming season.

Until the October Camp...

Super-G, Super Trip, Super Team

Last race finished in Chile

07 September 2011 AT 23:23:34

What a day, the frustration continued as we started the race at 9am, and 75 skiers and a million 'holds' later we were finished at 11.45. 

Luckily it was well worth the wait as Luke Steyn looked like a man possessed out of the start gate, blasting down to score a 69 point result, his best to date. Kieran Norris was also on form, recording his best Super-G result to date while nursing a thumb injury from yesterday's downhill. Roy Steudle started bib 12 but was not as fast as he would have liked, recording a respectable time but not quite getting the line right.

For the girls, there were some good attitudes and some aggressive starts but again the Russians were just too fast and a few mistakes left us too far off of the pace. Thomasine returned from her calf injury to record a PB Super-G result but there is definitely more to come from this group during the European winter.

For now that's all - we will have some free-skiing fun tomorrow before packing up and heading down to Santiago on Friday at midday. It has been an awesome camp, the best i have been involved in from a training point of view by a country mile, you simply cannot beat the variety and volume of training available here. The races included lots of P.B's and i hope this is a sign of more to come during the 11/12 winter.

A great job by all of the Ambition athletes here!! Look forward to getting more of the pics online once home.

Over and Out.

Marc & Jutty

Racing Time!

DH Races....

06 September 2011 AT 23:27:06

So yesterday went pretty well, the start was a little higher than training so we had some issues with the girls jump which has was changed in the end for the race runs.

The girls got used to the course yesterday, Ellie doing just 1 run to save her back for today, while Imi completed both runs looking confident on the snow and in the air alike.

For the boys, Oli got his first taste of Downhill, for-running both training runs, whilst Luke, Kieran and Roy all had good runs or sections of runs in the training. Roy especially set a good time on the 2nd run, only 3.8 seconds off what looks like a World Cup field.

So onto the races, well the WC guys definitely stepped up the pace but the boys managed to hold on first run and all 3 made their best results by a country mile. In the 2nd race it was a little tougher and bumpier by the time we got underway at around 2pm, the boys went for it but made a few too many mistakes, along with quite a few athletes it would seem by the results.

For the girls, it was a tiny field, and Imi and Ellie completed both runs but were slightly further off the pace than we would have liked. Neither of the girls made P.B's but it was good to get another 'tougher' downhill it and both are fit and ready for the SG race tomorrow.

So the bibs for tomorrow's SG race are:

Roy: 12

Luke: 18

Kieran: 52

Imi: 3

Ellie: 4

Thomasine: 15

Alex has picked up a small knee injury so will miss tomorrow and Oli will continue his role as pro for-runner for this speed series.

Fingers crossed!!!

(Ellie last week in training..... the jump was slightly larger for yesterday's training run.....)

(Early morning.... lovely)

DH Training.

All the info you need....

05 September 2011 AT 01:44:17

All set to go for tomorrow, standard long race meeting but we are now ready, forecast is clear for tonight and bright tomorrow ready for our 2 training runs.

We have Oliver Chalkley and Alex Buchanan in to for-run....

In the girls race Ellie Pocock will leave the gate number 9, followed shortly by Imogen Taylor at 15.

In the boys race, there are a whole host of world cup stars including Daniel Albrecht from the Swiss Team and Adrian Theaux from France, not forgetting the German and Slovenian WC teams....

However, as Roy has South American Cup points from 2010, he will go down bib 4!!!! Luke will head down 44 and Kieran 45. 

Cant wait.


Chile is great for Speed they said...... well not

Great training block leading up to South American

04 September 2011 AT 22:51:37


My god, this internet is so frustrating, i have tried everywhere in the last few days to upload some pics and nowhere is playing ball.... it took about 3 hours to get this one below up.... Not too exciting and its more to do with the last post than this one!

Anyway, since our days off in Santiago, the guys have been on good form, we have had 3 days of Super-G training on a variety of pistes, with Luke Steyn especially finding some speed and challenging for the fastest times. Saturday saw us move back on GS training on yet another piste, where Roy Steudle was right back on form, blitzing the timing session with very strong skiing from him. The girls have also done well this week, with big steps forward from Thomasine and Alex in SG, great to see them more competitive in the timing sessions too. Sadly Thomasine and Ellie have picked up minor injuries this week, Ellie with some back problems out of the blue and Thomasine having a bit of a fight with a GS gate yesterday.

We have also had the DH boards on this week for jumping practice - each lunchtime the jump has been closed off and Ambition along with the other teams have been able to practice the jump 5-6 times. These kind of opportunities are pretty rare so we have been making the most of this. Roy, Luke and Ellie also managed to have a few runs on the full length DH track with the Russian National Team - again great experience for them and we hope all of this will help us be competitive in the races on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The difference with this camp to the past 2 years in Chile has definitely been the variety of training pistes. We have not run more than 2 sessions on any piste - making for lots of good inspection practice and new feelings every day for the athletes. 

What else.... well the new radios for Motorola are in so thats good news, should help communications especially on the longer speed hills, also work starts on the new ski room in Leogang tomorrow so im looking forward to seeing that progress also.


Just managed to get onto today's results from the All England and it was great to see both Ella Ward (1st) and Will Wheeler (3rd) making the podium in CH1 & CH2 respectively. Benn Hall also tells me that Ambition took the Karting title on Saturday night, we all love a bit of karting during the season and there is actually an ice karting track about 200m from the new base in Leogang - lots of winter practice i think.

Last but definitely not least, K-Dogg aka Kieran Norris, has been awarded the Tim Reader award for the most improved Junior boy this year. A brilliant achievement and certainly the focus and improvements we have seen since easter and in Chile especially, very well deserved. 

Hopefully i can get some more pics online soon..... very frustrating!!