Ambition 1-2 at British Indoor Champs...

Not bad young grasshopper.....

26 April 2011 AT 21:17:26

Had decided not to put this up but have given into peer pressure and here it is! The number of times i get the better of Ash are few and far between these days. 3 in the top 10 for Ambition.

Really good fun racing at Manchester, more of the Ambition team should get involved with the races up there, the snow is pretty damn good and the setting is actually quite realistic to snow - some of it at least! 


Home Sweet Home....

Bk in the UK finally...

23 April 2011 AT 19:19:55

Haven't actually got home yet but at least we are all back in the UK. Tomorrow night i will finally arrive back to my house and more importantly my bed.

Saw a few of the Ambition guys racing in Manchester today (i wasn't one of them as my first run cannot really be described as 'racing') anyhow, good to see the guys keeping everything up in a competitive environment.

The next few weeks will see a lot of developments with Ambition; new athletes, new kit, UK camp organisations and promotion, kit collection. Basically all the admin kind of work that i love. I'll put anything exciting up on the blog but will try to avoid the 'today i bought some new stationary' type posts.

Have worked out a few things for the summer and the provisional South American Cup calendar looks great for Ambition with 5x SG's, 2x DH's and 2x SC's planned during the period we will be there. There will also be 4 tech races chucked in, so time to get in the gym and make sure we take advantage of the awesome training and racing opportunities down there.

Lots to do and plan, keep your eyes peeled to the blog for news and developments.


All good things come to an end......

Season finishes as Junior/Seniors finish racing at

15 April 2011 AT 18:29:57

All good things come to an end.... To me Ambition was not a 'good' thing this season, it was a great thing. No-one knows more than me the struggles that went on through 2010 but to be here in April 2011, looking back on it all, i am happy, relieved, proud and content with what we have all achieved together at Ambition. Not only were there many individual results, but as a team we have come away from this season as both BARSC and BRITISH Champions.

The last of the races were finished this week in Val Thorens and i felt pretty sad saying goodbye to more and more of the athletes and staff as the days went on. It is hard to describe how it feels but we all work so hard and so intense that when it all finishes in the space of a few days, you are left with an empty feeling. I remember the feeling as a racer and it is no different as a coach.

For me now, it is time to write the reports, reflect on what needs to change for next season and speak to everyone individually before the first team weekend in May. I'll be back soon to unload the container, return items and meet with you all but for now here are a few of my favourite memories from 2010/2011;

  • Lucy Kahve - The first year with the team, making her mark, ripping Aaron at Tapas restaurant.
  • Beth Soman - The cheeky Christmas card prank to me and Chris!
  • Alice Taylor - The moving up the ranking to sit 3rd after first run of British Champs.
  • Izzy Taylor - The use of her face as a piste basher! 
  • Luke Riddell - The Aiglon Cup Champion.
  • Oli Chalkley - The SG timing sessions in February - killing it!
  • Luke Maynard - The Super-G crashes (and getting back up)!
  • Will Wheeler - The turning it all around after BARSC.
  • Max Asquith - The first Podium at the Welsh Champs.
  • Ellie Pocock - The British Super-Combined Champ.
  • Imogen Taylor - THAT slalom run in Caspoggio.
  • Emily Evans - The racing Super-G in Hemsedal after the biggest crash.
  • Emily Pocock - The coming so close to that sub 100 in Les Crosets.
  • Violet Miller - The grin after the first sub 100 score in Bormio.
  • Alex Buchanan - The working, working, working, no matter what.
  • Amy Young - The winning BARSC jn1 slalom.
  • Luke Steyn - The launch of G-safe / Captain safety.
  • Ash Hill - The british junior slalom race, the untold stories of stupidity!
  • Roy Steudle - The biggest jump i have ever seen!
  • Barney Lewis - The changes since July 2010.
  • Peter Glasgow - The podium at the British Champs junior slalom.
  • Kieran Norris - The gritting the teeth and digging deep when the legs were saying 'no'.
  • Thomas White - The first sub 100 in slalom - that was a proud moment!
  • Brad Morgan - The Scottish Champs GS 1st run.
  • Aaron Tipping - The change of tactics for the last day of the season.
  • James Foster - The highs and the lows, through sickness and in health!!
  • Joe Webb - The grin on the good days.
  • Justin Mesut - The hair-cuts and shopping trips.
  • Chris Pyle - The listener.... and what a job he does.
  • Andrea Adorno - The pirate.
  • Melody McCague - The... 'this one time' stories.
  • Monika Kimmich - The hours and hours and hours of work.

Glasgow nails it at Scottish Champs...

Pete Glasgow hit the podium again in Courchevel...

07 April 2011 AT 13:29:19

Another good day today for Peter Glasgow, after winning the British Jn1 Slalom title last week, Peter followed it up today with 2 solid runs to finish 6th overall, score a 2nd best results and end up 2nd on the Scottish Podium.

The mens slalom was chaos today, with tough conditions taking out most of the field, however we were pleased with the younger skiers from Ambition especially as they skied tactically and got something out of the day. 

Pics to follow...

The final countdown.....

British Champs complete for Ambition Juniors...

04 April 2011 AT 15:55:14

Today marked the last day of the NC and NJC races in Meribel where under a cloud of fog and a few mm's of rain, the National Junior Champs Mens Slalom went ahead after the womens GS event was cancelled due to poor visibility.

The Ambition team dug deep to claim top spots on the podium one last time at this event, with Ashley Hill claiming the British Junior Slalom Champion title, while Peter Glasgow made use of his early start number in the 2nd run to claim the British Junior1 Slalom Champion title. Peter skied a blinder of a second run as did Kieran Norris before straddling, brilliant to see the younger members of the boys junior team claim some of the limelight for a change!!!! Peter made his PB points results in the process and should be very proud of his achievement today.

So shortly after came the overall combined awards which looked like this:

Overall Junior Combined Champion: Imogen Taylor

Overall Junior1 Combined Champion: Imogen Taylor 

Best Junior Club Team: Ambition Racing.

We will focus on the Scottish Champs followed by the some FIS races in Pila now but what a season and what a British Champs we have had from the Ambition athletes. It has been great to see the teams' hard work be rewarded so well over the past 10 days.

Few more pics from today's podium......






Off to a good start!

The Children's team start as they mean to go on.

03 April 2011 AT 19:29:43


With a busy week of races ahead of them the Children’s team are off to a good start. Despite high temperatures and soft snow, today’s boy’s GS and girls Slalom resulted in a number of podium places.

The boys GS saw Charlie Raposo taking second place in race 1, followed by Luke Riddell in third. Race 2 saw Charlie in second place again with Luke Riddell unfortunately having an error at the top of the pitch costing him a second podium place of the day.

In the first girls Slalom Alice Taylor showed that she is capable of transferring her good form from training into a race performance and claimed second in CH2. Beth Soman also impressed with a fifth place in CH2. For the second race Alice found herself on the podium again with a third place in CH2 despite being last down a tough, cut up course.

The rest of the team all showed glimmers of what they are capable of but were unable to hold it together for a whole run. All in all it’s looking like a good start to the week. Keep up the good work guys!!



check this out.....

Couldn't have done a better PR job myself....

02 April 2011 AT 14:50:08

Not sure who wrote this but i promise it wasn't me....!!! Seems some other people have noticed the success from this week!!!! Check out the link!!

British Champs NC over!

onto the NJC's and Scottish now......

02 April 2011 AT 14:39:56

So the National Champs finished today, girls slalom and boys GS.

Yesterday we had an ok day, Roy Steudle made the top 30 and had a pretty good 2nd run with just one error that sadly proved a bit costly, anyway, good skiing. Imi and Vi had good runs in GS and while they were not as fast as they would have liked it will still another race where their tactics/inspection and line were pretty much spot on. Ellie Pocock had a crash meaning she missed today and will likely miss the next few too, after some great performances earlier in the week, it was sad us not to be able to see what Ellie could have done with such momentum!!

Today was a mixed day, the GS was tough and most of the boys crashed and burned first run, Kieran and Peter fought down but struggled to nail the line they would have liked on the pitch. 

In the womens slalom, Emily Evans made her 2nd best result coming 2nd on run 2 and ending up 6th overall. 

So Ambition were well represented on the 'overall combined' podium today with Ellie Pocock taking 3rd and Imi in 2nd just behind Niki Sole. Imi also took the overall under-18 title!!

A great senior champs for Ambition, lets hope the junior champs in the next few days goes just as well!!!