Caspoggio... Take 3.

Straight back on it......

28 February 2011 AT 11:25:07

Quick one following the english, straight onto the DH and SG races on our favourite hill.... Caspoggio...!

DH training started well on Friday with Ellie Pocock laying down a good run to take 4th on the first run, followed by Imi taking 3rd on the second training. Violet also made her first DH turns on the Caspoggio slopes, getting used to the lines and positions.

Saturday's DH race saw all 3 girls make their best DH results with Violet Miller going 7 seconds faster than the 2nd training!! Imi had a particularly good 2nd race only 0.43 off of the pace. Tom White meanwhile managed to tip a DH gate and was lucky to escape with only a broken ski - wood core everywhere leaving us with the task of finding some new ones in time for Innerkrems this week!

Yesterday's Super-G saw Ellie Pocock put the disappointment of the Bormio SG behind her, skiing a clean run and making her best result of 90 in the process. Tom White also took advantage of bib 2, finishing just 1.3 off of the leaders to make his first sub-70 result in Super-G, great skiing considering his scare from the previous day.

No pics, was rushing to get to Austria!!!!!!!

English Champs and More.....

What a week.... finally stopped....

28 February 2011 AT 11:14:23

So here we are finally in Maria Alm, Austria, taking a well deserved day off! We have had 8 full days of racing, meeting, crying, shouting, crashing, driving, setting and celebrating so it is nice to sit here and...................................... do emails.

What to say....? We had a pretty damn good week in Bormio, i was trying to keep up with all the results on my note-pad but i think the pics below give a better idea of what it was all like there, lots of podiums, lots of results, lots of 'oh so close' runs and certainly lots of gossip. 

Overall i am really really pleased with all the athletes at Ambition, the new ones as much as the seasoned pros, i think they have all proved to themselves what is possible now and how good they can be - we are certainly motivated to do better and better.

Most importantly though, we need to wish Amy Young all the best after her injury at the English, she is a huge part of the team at Ambition and we really hope her knee injury heals quickly and that she will be back with us as soon as possible.

(if some of the prize-giving pics look dark that because it was about 5pm!)












We love Bormio!!!

Great team performance from Ambition Juniors....

20 February 2011 AT 21:48:01

The Ambition Junior Team had a great day in the first NJR event of the 2011 English Championships with Emily Evans and Imogen Taylor making the Jnr1 podium in 1st and 3rd position (2nd and 4th overall). Amy, Ellie and Vi also made their 2nd best results in slalom so far this season on the Stella Alpina piste at Bormio 2000.

In the mens event, Ashley Hill laid down a storming first run in only his 3rd week of skiing since last April to stay within 0.5 of the leader and although he had a few mistakes on run 2, still finished 0.7 off to finally get a result more in line with his skills. Joseph Webb also made use of another good 2nd run start position to make a P.B result, and Peter Glasgow finished 2 clean runs to get his best result of the winter so far. Barney, Tom and Kieran made 2nd best results too.

All in all a good start to the week, tomorrow the juniors will move down to the Stelvio piste for GS while the kids kick off their championships with Slalom on Stella Alpina.

Best of luck to everyone for tomorrow!



Pista Stelvio

2nd Super-G training follows suit as weather stays

17 February 2011 AT 12:42:16

Another tough day on the Stelvio piste in Bormio as the weather stayed warm overnight. While there was not so much new snow last night, the clouds that hung over Bormio meant the snow stayed wet for a 2nd day. If it clears as per the forecast on Friday night, we should be in for some solid slopes next week!!

Anyway, we got another couple of runs in before the fog came with some good improvements from yesterday.

The juniors will now have 2 days off before the next races, while the children move to train GS on the Stella Alpina piste tomorrow....

run 1 results:

run 2 results:

Fresh Tracks!!

New snow in Bormio....

16 February 2011 AT 13:49:41

Lots going on since the last post - 

Had an awesome day of SG training after the Caspoggio CIT races last week, whole of Stelvio piste closed off for us to work with 4 guys (Imi Taylor, Peter Glasgow, Joe Webb and Luke Steyn), you don't get much better than that....! At 10am after 6 awesome runs we were ready to pull the plug and have a day off before the next training block..............

So...... over the weekend Caspoggio NJR races ended a little better with Joseph Webb and Peter Glasgow scoring PB results in slalom, while Kieran Norris and Luke Steyn picked up 2nd results in the Slalom and GS respectively. Imi Taylor skied an absolute blinder on the slalom day, ranked 14th at the start and blitzed into 5th on the first run. Sadly the 2nd run did not go to plan but it was great for Imi to see what she is capable of going forward.

Emily Evans has also been competing in Czech this week at EYOF, where she has finished both races just outside of the top 30 (with some mistakes by the sounds of it), anyway she seems to be happy over there and enjoying the experience, congratulations to Emily.

On saturday the new guys arrived and have been training hard since, GS on Oga followed by 2 days on the Stella Alpina slalom piste, before changing to Super-G this morning. It was a tough start as we had to slip off the 30cms of new snow to get to the harder base but once we got going the guys looked confident and there was a good buzz at the bottom after the last jump (Luke Maynard showing his 'big air' skills on the way). Some very impressive times and skiing from Oli Chalkley and Peter Glasgow in particular.

1st Run results:


2nd run results:

You're not out until you're on your butt!!!!

I must have said this 1000 times to the guys at Am

11 February 2011 AT 15:11:54



Sweet day on the speed skis....

10 February 2011 AT 19:44:54

What an awesome training day, clear, cold, closed slope and 4 guys training...... say what you like but i don't think you get these kind of training options as a club team anywhere else in the world.....

We managed 6 runs today in SG before we had to re-open the Stelvio hill for the public and the guys were hammering it from run 1. We saw some awesome improvement from Peter Glasgow and Luke Steyn - great feeling on the skis today with Luke being fastest in timing. Imi also made a massive step forward and looked a hell of a lot more comfortable today than at the start of the week, last but not least Joe looked more comfortable too as the session went on - and was taking the biggest air off of the last jump without question.

Chris got a great snap of Bormio from the Cuik jump before setting this morning - he had time on his hands as i had ragged it off from the car park, straight down Cuik to the GS start with the timing only to realise what i had done and that we were training SG...... anyone that's been to Bormio will know its a long walk back up. Complete idiot. Enjoy.

Caspoggio... Take 2.

Better day...

09 February 2011 AT 20:35:36

Seems something went in last night..... Roy struggled a little with the timing and movement on the 1st run but had a very strong and attacking 2nd run ending up with a sweet time. 2 of the boys here are looking seriously good, with yesterdays winner putting 1.2 on 2nd place after the 1st run. Aaron, Joe and Luke all suffered the same fate at the bottom of the first pitch and DNF'd, while Peter Glasgow battled down but was taken out on the 2nd run.

Imi meanwhile blasted down her first run, moving from bib 17 into 10th, 2 seconds closer than in the first run yesterday, second run looked to be on similar form with only a few mistakes but the time was just not there as we thought it would be.

Much better skiing but work to be done over the next few days before we return to the same piste for Saturday's NJR GS.

Buono Notte.....

The Ambition Favourite....

Caspoggio it is.....

08 February 2011 AT 15:41:15

Not much to say about today really, except we could have done so much better.......!!

Haven't seen full results yet but with the exception of a 2nd run charge from Imi, we just weren't up to scratch..... not all bad but every athlete knows they can achieve much more.

From here we'll take a look at the vid and make a new plan for tomorrow, if they learn from today there are good results to be had tomorrow and over the weekend, bibs and conditions are great there right now.

Put that one in a box and move on!

Super-G = Super-Fun

Ambition Team get to grips with the speed!

07 February 2011 AT 12:50:14

What a day! Started off setting in the dark at 6.50 this morning down the Stelvio piste with the netting already in place and half of the mountain shut for us! It was the first SG day that we've run down the Stelvio piste this year, starting at Cuik and finishing just shy of the finish area in Bormio town - the guys worked hard and made some big improvements especially Kieran Norris and Peter Glasgow.

(view from the last rise at 8am)

We managed to get 6 runs in, best times as below:

  • Roy Steudle - 1.02.18
  • Luke Steyn - 1.02.70
  • Peter Glasgow - 1.05.37
  • Imi Taylor - 1.05.86
  • Kieran Norris - 1.05.92


Oh and yesterday's climbing session was awesome - a little dark towards the end but great cross-training and good to see Kieran conquer his fear of heights and scramble up the wall! (Here's a good shot of Andrea).

Max Asquith.... Pathway to Podium.

Its been a long and often tough journey for Aza to

06 February 2011 AT 20:50:17

Max Asquith nailed his first podium of his ski racing career a few weeks back at the Welsh Champs in Champery.... he has improved steadily over the start of this season, however we thought it would be good to show a few pics and vids of the tough times Aza has endured along the way.....!


Welsh training day......


Few of Max from the BARSC this January......

February here we go....

February training begins!

06 February 2011 AT 14:52:52

So, after a week of Ambition shut-down (kinda) the guys are back and raring to go in Bormio......

Today we settled back into GS with some easy skiing on the La Rocca piste in Bormio, the timing was up and it was interesting to see the improvements made over the morning especially for Peter and Kieran. We made the most of no-school today with the guys getting 12-13 runs of GS in, before climbing this afternoon..... it is quite warm so we are able to use the outdoor walls - should be fun!

We have a pretty busy schedule this week which we finally see us get some speed days in. Tomorrow we will be setting Super-G down Stelvio at 7am as the lifts are opening early at 7.30, the same program goes for Thursday with 2x GS CIT races sandwiched in for Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The team this week consists of Roy, Luke, Joe, Peter, Kieran and Imi - with no children here we also have Chris and Jutty helping so it should be a very productive week.

Podium Shots.....

Shots from last week's Welsh Champs.

01 February 2011 AT 23:49:02

So got a few of the podium shots in from last week - i think Aza will still be smiling for weeks yet! Good on him!

I'm also currently still in Flaine where i have been working for Surbiton at the British Schoolgirls races. Just my scene - have never seen so many prizes given away for 2 races!!!!! Anyway luckily most of the Silverware went to Emily Evans as she dominated the Flaine race piste, winning the overall Slalom, Giant Slalom and Parallel slalom titles.

Great job to 'The Mouse' who has also just been selected to represent Great Britain at the EYOF (Youth Olympics) in Czech next month. Check out our news section for more details.