FB page rather than blog.....


28 August 2012 AT 00:18:15

Sorry for those of you have been expecting a more regularly updated blog from Chile!!!

The only time we can get decent internet is on way up the hill at 6am in the dark.... at that time, a quick facebook photo upload from my phone (i dont take my laptop up to training) is the best we are getting!

Please take a look at to see some of the pics so far. If you have an account then feel free to 'LIKE' the page..... unless you hate it!



Atomic / Ambition Camp Vid

The final version....

09 August 2012 AT 06:52:10

Here it is!


Hemel Camp Pics & Media.

Phil's snaps from the weeks.....

08 August 2012 AT 19:30:57

The Atomic Ambition camps went brilliantly this year, first Ipswich in the baking heat then Hemel..... With Stelvio and Chile in and around that, we are pretty full on right now. The video will be uploaded tomorrow, for now here's some of the more interesting snaps of last week!

Atomic / Ambition Camps begin!

Angry Bird - Squuaaaaaaaaaaarrrrk!!!

Beth cutting the line....

K-Dogg getting in the groove...

'No Marc, this is how i get the girls!!'

Oh yeah, thats me - Cheers Simon!

Eat your heart out Cuche!

Woody flapping!

Will Cook showing how you do it on Freestyle Friday!

Fitness Testing

Christian Box Jumping...

Frejus skiing classic...

The pro slalom.