We love the Welsh (races).

Ambition Team nail it at Welsh Champs.....

29 January 2011 AT 15:39:09

So.... a successful week for the Ambition Race Team at the Welsh Champs in Les Crosets last week - i would have loved to get the blog up daily but our connection simply didn't allow!!!!

After the final GS training, Roy Steudle carried on the form that has seen him take one FIS win already this season with a blistering 1st run in Tuesday's FIS GS. After the 2nd run the standings stayed the same for Roy to take his 2nd win of the season by 1.15 over 2nd place and a PB points score of 63. Emily Pocock (125), Violet Miller (106) and Barney Lewis (129) also secured PB results on the same day, finally getting some of their training form into the races.

Wednesday's FIS Slalom followed a similar pattern with Tom White (88), Barney Lewis (99), Imogen Taylor (74), Emily Evans (62), Ellie Pocock (80) and Kieran Norris (128) all scoring best results. The girls especially laid it down on the first run, Emily Evans finally turning things around after some tough training days earlier in the week.

Having for-run on the Wednesday, Will Wheeler and Max Asquith were more than prepared and ready to rumble for Thursday's BASS Slalom, with Will nailing the 2nd run moving up from 6th to edge his way onto the podium. Alex Buchanan also laid down 2 clean runs to take 2nd in the female junior category.

On Friday, it was a fitting ending to a great week, with the Ambition Boys (Will and Aza) finishing the GS in 1st and 2nd respectively. This was the first podium of Max Asquith's racing career and we are very proud and excited for him after all his hard work over the past 3 years.

I don't say it enough as i am always looking to the next race or next training but i am both happy and incredibly proud of the Ambition athletes and what they have achieved already this winter. Long may it continue.


(P.S - we also got some free-skiing time in finally)

Home sweet home for the Welsh....

Ambition Team settle in at Welsh Champs.

24 January 2011 AT 13:03:14

Been pretty slack at getting the pics and blog up this last week - travelling and working makes it hard but i have been busy and there are lots of exciting projects in the pipe-line for Ambition in the future!!!

Anyway the end of last week saw the team train a fair bit down the Stelvio race piste before heading off on Saturday for Les Crosets/Champery. Since arriving we have had brilliant conditions; clear, cold and the snow is actually pretty solid for once. Considering the rumours going around last week about the races being cancelled we have been pleasantly surprised.

Yesterday saw the team get another slalom day in which they were very pleased about - Imi Taylor and Roy Steudle, standing out during 2nd the timing session as the ones to beat - with some of the best skiing i have seen from them in slalom.

Today we ran a GS timing session and it was one of the best days i have had coaching this group -  with almost everyone looking confident and getting faster throughout the day. Ellie laid down some awesome runs as the girl to beat today and Roy and Tom battled it out for the top spot with Barney right on their heels.

GS race tomorrow, Mel is setting 1st run...... and I think we are ready!!!!!! (if not Chris is certainly ready to dish out the punishments - see below).

Vai Vai Vai Vai.......!

GS timing on La Rocca......

18 January 2011 AT 18:03:03

'You Go' translated to Italian comes out as 'Vai' (pronounced v-eye). 'Vai Vai Vai' is what we hear every day here on race and training hills - no problem for us but for Violet Miller it becomes a bit tough trying to work out if someone is actually calling your name or just encouraging their athletes!!

Anyway, today it was as if someone was shouting at Vi as she laid down a few awesome runs and seems to have re-gained the form that made her English and British Super-G Champion in 2010. There were lots of good performances and fast runs today but for Vi this was real progress and deserves a special mention.

William Wheeler also had a great day, improving run on run, working his butt off to make the changes needed to challenge for the podium this winter.

We'll be moving to the steeper Stelvio piste for the next 2 days of full-length GS with the Senior team joining us, for now here are the fastest times from each course today:


Course 1 (25-26m distances)

  1. Roy Steudle: 31.94
  2. Barney Lewis: 33.72
  3. Imi Taylor: 34.62
  4. Violet Miller: 34.66
  5. Ellie Pocock: 35.23
  6. Will Wheeler: 35.45
  7. Max Asquith: 36.02
  8. Emily Pocock: 36.44


Course 2 (27-29m distances)

  1. Roy Steudle: 31.28
  2. Ellie Pocock: 33.13
  3. Barney Lewis: 33.23
  4. Imi Taylor: 33.28
  5. Violet Miller: 33.61
  6. Will Wheeler: 34.21
  7. Max Asquith: 34.96
  8. Emily Pocock: 35.19


I feel the need...... the need for speed!!

SG training underway in the Borm...

17 January 2011 AT 23:30:58

1st day of Super-G training for a while today, weather has not given us much of a chance so far but was good to get the long boards back out today.....

Training went ok, full length with timing and plenty of terrain so lots for the guys to think about. Brad and James joined us today for a few runs on their day off, hopefully we will get a few more SG days in before the end of this period.

Will spend the rest of this week hitting GS down the 'La Rocca' and 'Stelvio' pistes before shipping out for Les Crosets on Saturday. I am confident we will see the benefits of this last training block at the next races and through the start of Feb.



Stella Alpina Training and Santa.....

17 January 2011 AT 06:30:15

Massive gap since the last post, been strangely busy with only a few athletes here this week. Plans have changed again and again, we were originally going to go to Austria for some UNI races but the forecast looked pretty rough over there and with clear nights here we decided to stay for training instead.

On friday we had a great timing session on the Stella Alpina piste with the senior boys, some of the guys putting in some impressive times in training now which is great to see.

On saturday we had a day off and awaited the arrival of Aza, Will, Roy and Ellie (Ellie has sadly been sick so will now come today), and yesterday we had a great GS session working in groups of 2 athletes: 1 coach, Chris taking the lead for the younger boys with Vi and Emily P with me. Barney and Imi meanwhile travelled with Melody to the local CIT races in Santa Caterina.

Imi, fresh off of 1 slalom training day since August, scored an equal best result in slalom even with a huge error in the 1st run. A great first result back and proof that the hard work she did in the summer has still had benefits even after missing the autumn.

Off to set Super-G now, catch you later.



Few snaps for you....

11 January 2011 AT 15:36:10

On a more serious note, just got the pics through from the BARSC prize-giving with Ambition on the top step.....

Also, i thought this pic looked pretty damn good....... hardly recognisable from the skier we met in October!


Ambition announce exciting new addition to the tea

11 January 2011 AT 15:26:44

New snow and warm weather made GS training pretty intense down the Stelvio race piste in Bormio today, hard at times but we were getting somewhere after a few runs. Will be rock hard if we get the freeze that is due tonight!

Anyway more importantly we need to welcome a new member to the Ambition Team, we've made an amazing signing, sponsored by VW, Audi, Adidas, Cheddar Cheese and all the rest of it.....




Just waiting for his kit to arrive any day.....

Good job Marvin.


Senior Team hard at work in Garmisch...

09 January 2011 AT 22:29:56

Just a quick one tonight... Seniors have been racing GS in Garmisch and more PB results have been scored:

Aaron Tipping 50 points, close to winning the 2nd run!

Joe Webb made two high 80's (think 87 and 88)....

Good job lads!!!

Wash Out!!!

Wet wet wet........

07 January 2011 AT 15:29:50


Just a quick one about the juniors from today........

I'm at the Caspoggio SG's now..... (best laid plans), arrived last night, skis done, bibs collected, looking good to go with sweet numbers in a small field, with 2 super-g's scheduled 1 after the other.....

Then it had to go and rain!!! So we just managed to get 1 SG off before the 2nd was vito'd. Doesn't look promising for tomorrow just yet, little bit wet out there right now...... Sucks!!!

Guys did ok - Violet found out what a FIS Sg is like, bit different to last year, Tom made a huge mistake up top but was good down town and by the time Barney went it was hard not to look like the churchill dog!!! 

(Was going to write some glorified nonsense story about how amazing it was.... but it just wasn't - gotta be realistic sometimes)

BARSC GS (Children)

Went up to take a look for myself.....

07 January 2011 AT 15:10:02

I watched the Ambition Children skiing GS yesterday on the 1st run and they are doing a good job on the whole, we have a long term approach at Ambition and the understanding and skiing has moved on massively since the new team got together in October. I thought you'd be interested in my notes - (i wish someone could plug into my brain to see what goes on, it doesn't stop thinking for a second, good and bad i guess.)

Izzy Taylor: great impression of her sister! 100% racing with no hesitation. Needs to use the outside ski!!!!!!

Lucy Kahve: Holding the turn too long, looks little worried still. Smooth skiing but needs more speed and aggression.

Oli Chalkley: some sweet turns, completely different to October, needs to be cleaner.

Aza: Finally!!!!! Carrying some speed, some rhythm, better!

Fin Davies: Moving well with tempo, line still off, needs more separation + line drills.

Beth Soman: Good movement, more angles needed. Better attacking skiing.

Luke Maynard: Going after it, little scrappy though. More technique work needed!

Luke Riddell: Laying it over - no power! More aggression needed. Good line.

Wheeler: Looks worried, grinding top of turn. Not racing yet.

Raposo: Great rhythm and movement. No power.

I had to shoot off and haven't seen the final results, i know Raposo won which is awesome for him and for Ambition - we are very proud of Charlie and having him with the team in Champoluc has been awesome as i know he has been missed hugely by everyone at Ambition.

Just heard from Charlie as i'm writing to say he won the Slalom too......... more on that later....!

Good job..... victory dance it is:

Tight tight tight....

junior team try something new in Champoluc

05 January 2011 AT 21:12:28

Not much to say for today, we had a nice lie-in this morning and headed up at 11 to get ready for Slalom training in the afternoon. Set something completely different for the guys today, it was a tough day but they will get to grips with the tactics over the coming weeks.

Justin and Chris had a full on day with the kids, finally getting down the mountain at half 4! Charlie Raposo stayed true to recent form on the first run, destroying the field again with a margin of nearly 2 seconds over 2nd place. Sadly Charlie did not convert this into a win on the 2nd run, taking too much risk towards the end and missing the last gate.

There were some big improvements from the children today - we had a talk this morning about 'racing' rather than 'skiing' and it seems they took something in! I like to see what is going on with the kids and having seen the video this evening i can say the team have made huge improvements since October, I'll be up on the Children's race hill tomorrow morning before taking the juniors down to Caspoggio in the afternoon for the Super-G races on Friday and Saturday.



Quick round up of Anglo Scots and BARSC NJR Slalom

04 January 2011 AT 21:41:10

Another great day for the Ambition girls in Champoluc today with Ellie Pocock claiming the Jnr 2 title and Amy Young claiming the Jnr 1 title. Violet Miller had some good sections to claim 3rd spot in Jnr 1 while Emily Pocock took runner-up spot in Jnr 2. 

The boys were a mixed bag today, with only Luke Steyn completing both runs - ending up on the International Jnr 2 podium. Roy Steudle made some rapid turns on the first run but couldn't keep it up the whole way and Peter Glasgow pulled some great skiing out of the bag but sadly made a few costly errors. Tom White was lying 4th after the first run but was unlucky to straddle on the 2nd.

One thing we missed yesterday was Charlie Raposo's blinding performance in Les Houches at the Anglo-Scottish, taking the GS title and killing the race with a margin of over 4 seconds over 2nd place. The other nippers had some good runs and parts of runs too with Alice Taylor getting some reasonable positions and Finlay Davies getting used to racing slalom as a first year child! There is a lot more to come from the children and we fully expect them all to up their game this week in Champoluc!

The day ended with a team free ski, testing the limits of our free passes... luckily for us they kept working!



Steudle claims his first FIS victory as Ambition A

03 January 2011 AT 16:43:30

After a late arrival last night and over 600 kms of driving, Roy Steudle held off the italians challengers to claim an overall victory in today's BARSC GS, putting a smile back on the face of the guy who won back-to-back Super-G titles as a child in this race series.

Roy was however not the only one to claim a podium spot today as the Ambition Racing boys and girls nailed the short GS sprint here in Champoluc -

Violet Miller claimed the girls Junior 1 title while Barney Lewis bagged his first podium of the season (3rd) demonstrating the leaps forward he has made in GS since the summer. Alex Buchanan showed what is possible when she races well, claiming 2nd spot of the Junior 1 girls podium and in the Junior 2 category, Pocock sisters Ellie and Emily claimed 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.

Kieran Norris, while not on the podium today, looked like a different skier to pre-christmas with some brilliant turns on the first run in particular.

Not a bad start from the guys, they know they can all do better and will be looking to do so in tomorrow's slalom race.