Getting to grips with the fitness...

Testing from Surrey Sports Park...

29 May 2012 AT 23:24:55

A little while ago we ran some testing up at the Surrey Sports Park, looking into basic movements and screening across a few different exercises (1 legged squat video'd below). One of the biggest problems in ski racing is the minor injuries that come about during the season - we are looking to combat that this season through controlled strength. It is not all about loading up especially with the children, many of whom need to develop a full and controlled range of movement before loading.

Today i caught up with the SSP's physio Danielle Surret to check over the vids and discuss the points for improvement, something that we will focus on during contact time and in athletes' fitness programs over the summer months.

A decrease in tweaks and niggles means an increase in snow time, and that can only be a good thing for the Ambition athletes...

Peter Glasgow was one of the stronger athletes in this screening but its interesting to analyse it using the below points;

Front view

  • Speed and control of downward movement.
  • Lateral knee shift.
  • Balance compensation - either with hips or shoulders.
  • Speed and control of upward movement.

Side View

  • Pressure point through foot.
  • Back position.
  • Consistent joint movement.
  • Depth of squat.
  • Use of gleuts.


Awesome Training Day!!

First Atomic-Ambition Camp of 2012....

28 May 2012 AT 11:54:23

Awesome camp this weekend at the Chill Factore, 16 athletes, 3 coaches and some great skiing!!! Cant wait until Suffolk & Hemel now.

Congratulations to Anna Henderson & Lucas Henderson (must be something in the name), who went onto top the podium in the Hemel CN on Sunday.




Back Row: Freya Eaton, Marc Telling, Jess Anderson, Ollie Eaton, Anna Henderson, Alex White, Ella Ward, Rob Vanbeck, Curtis Pratt, Rory Farren, Millie Jackson, Jo Ryding, TJ Baldwin.

Front Row: Elanor Ronan, Olivia Ward, Rhodri Gale, Lucas Henderson, Lois Jackson, Francesca Lee.


Hmmm.... i wonder.....

22 May 2012 AT 17:36:20

Ok, so i was a DNS at Manchester this weekend, and NO it wasnt because i was scared of Brad, Matt, Ash, Foster and some of the other lads beating me.. well not totally.

No rather than doing my 1st aid (Aaron) or racing in Manchester, i took up the offer of a day in a Kart accompanied by Benn Hall & Benn Smith to make up our Ski Bums team in a race that seemed to include some pretty big driving names (im told). 

Anyway, Benn Hall was the fastest Ambition representative on the day, a few tenths quicker than Steven Smith which i guess would be the equivalent of a unknown dry-slope skier beating Bode Miller.... just a thought.

Anyway, an awesome day and great to do another sport with so many similarities, the speed, the talking about line, the tactics, i think the only difference really is we found a sport that would appear to be more costly than ski racing. Shame all the fun ones cost so much!

This weekend we will be back up at Manchester for the first Atomic-Ambition UK Camp of 2012. We are doing a 1-dayer at Manchester on Sunday, with some great athletes coming along to take part. It will be good to get back on the snow!

Ambition Update

Athletes, races & prizes!

17 May 2012 AT 17:04:27

Its always a strange time of year for ski racers and coaches, on the one hand we all want to look to the future, get plans in place and everything sorted for the following winter but on the other hand, athletes have exams, parents want a break from our badgering and getting answers out of resorts and organisations can be pretty tough!

Things have still been going well behind the scenes though, with most of Ambition's 2012 team signing back on for 2013. We have a few new additions to the team also - all of whom have great potential; Paul Henderson, Euan Macfie, Robbie Willis & Alice MacAulay to name a few. We will run with 2 teams this year (Jnr FIS & Children), with Marc Telling and Jo Ryding coaching FIS, while Benn Hall & Aaron Tipping stick with the nippers. The Jnr FIS program will see a full-time element with Max Asquith, Barney Lewis, Paul Henderson, Euan Macfie & Alex Buchanan on the snow for most of the winter - i cannot wait to get started with these guys!!!

One thing we have been focusing on is the Atomic-Ambition summer camp program, with camps running indoors & out, in the North & South of England this summer. Atomic, who are the head sponsors of this event and also sponsor the GBR series, are getting right behind the camps and the kids in the UK. Along with the skis we are giving away each camp, we also cleared out the storage unit of helmets, beanies, poles & ski straps last week to make sure that the Atomic-Ambition Camps give the best value for money out there.

Russell locating the goodies......

Tommy bringing the house down on Russell!!!!!!


Lots of our athletes are busy with exams but are keeping busy on the artificial circuit, with plastic, snow & schools races in full-swing already. Even the older guys and a few coaches have been racing/for-running. Beth Widdup recently took the overall crown at the British Schools indoor, while Roy Steudle won the boys event. Reed's were victorious in the team event once more too. Anna Henderson should also get a special mention for her overall win at the recent SMK Club National, taking some big scalps in the process.

In about 6 weeks time we will be off to Stelvio for the Ambition Summer camp, in the mean-time we will be sorting out programs, collecting equipment and working hard to make sure we are best prepared for the summer camps to Stelvio & Chile and our 2nd winter season in Leogang.

'ATOMIC Special Recognition' awards.

Atomic give us a little taste of what they will be

09 May 2012 AT 16:49:40

Like the look of these? We sure do!!

Atomic have re-vamped their graphics this year, added in a new colour and played about a bit to make sure the race skis not only go fast but look good while they do so.

Atomic-Ambition Camps are open for booking online, with Chill Factore already filling up for 26th May. However, as promised on our flyers, Atomic will be giving away 1 pair of race skis during each week-long camp at Hemel, Suffolk & now Pendle. (athletes must attend full week to be considered).

So how do we win?

Bascially, anyone can win. It is not about being the fastest skier on the camp, this year Atomic have called this their 'Special Recognition' award. The Atomic staff attending the camp for the week will take a look at all of the skiers and with the Ambition coaches, decide who deserves the recognition from our title sponsors. It could be the most improved, it could be the most effort, it could even be the best behaved, but we want to see people shine at these camps and show us what they can do and what they are all about. 

We cannot wait for the camps to begin and it is absolutely brilliant that Atomic are supporting the camps and the UK's young athletes through the 'Atomic-Ambition' series. 

Best of luck to all the racers out there booked onto the camps already.

NEW DATES - PENDLE 20th - 24th AUGUST 2012.

Atomic-Ambition UK Camp Tour getting bigger.

03 May 2012 AT 15:12:27

It gives us all at Ambition great pleasure to announce the latest camp dates for the 2012 Atomic-Ambition UK Camp Tour.

The latest addition at Pendle Ski Centre, gives the tour another dimension to offer indoor & artificial camps in both the North and South of England. The Pendle camp is being run as a franchise under the guise of Benn Hall & Jo Ryding previously billed as 'Alpha Camps'. The camp has been built up brilliantly over past years and we are happy to be able to support the camps going forward with the expertise and support of both Ambition & Atomic.

The camp is now ready to be booked online, with more details set to follow.