The Grand Finale.

Ambition Team say a fond farewell to the Stelvio G

29 October 2010 AT 22:16:06

The temperature rose and the clouds stayed away for the team's final day on the Stelvio Glacier. After an exhausting week in which the athletes have trained for around 8 hours per day, the sunshine and warm weather was a welcomed gesture as our camp came to a close today. The GS hill was in perfect condition and the slopes held up well for the children to finish with a great day of slalom.

The athletes gave one last push to finish the camp with some great skiing and we are confident that they have not only improved technically, but also developed a far deeper understanding of the tactics involved in the sport. At the start of the camp we talked about attitude and application, to improve across every area of the sport. This ethos has been adopted by all the athletes, and i can say that we are now heading in the right direction and i hope this continues throughout the whole winter.

For now, a massive thanks goes out to Monika Kimmich and Dawn Asquith who have looked after the athletes spectacularly over the course of the 2 weeks and also to the coaches who have worked every hour given in order to provide the best possible opportunities for the athletes. Tomorrow morning will see the Ambition Team load up and head out, with many of the athletes eagerly awaiting their next trips whether it be Landgraaf, Norway or indeed returning here for the start of the season proper.

Clear and Calm!

GS training well underway as wind dies down.

28 October 2010 AT 20:33:50

Finally the wind died down today to allow for a great day's training on Stelvio. The calm weather gave us the chance to get the runs in without any disruption and there were some good turns on show from many of the team during the morning session.

The morning saw a few of the juniors join the senior team for some GS on the steeper back side, while the others continued to work on the front side flats. Meanwhile, the children split off into groups, Justin leading the way with tactics for the flats, while Chris continued to nail the basic technique with the newer athletes.

We are set for another perfect day tomorrow; GS for the juniors while the children switch to finish on slalom. With weather like this, we will be hammering out the runs until the lifts stop at 4pm!!

Ambition Team kicks off the 2010/2011 season in st

The Ambition Team has been getting down to busines

26 October 2010 AT 17:58:32

The Ambition Team has been getting down to business and working hard on the Stelvio glacier, preparing the new team for the season ahead. Last week saw most of the new team out with a few exceptions for those who missed school time at the tail end of our Chile trip in September. The Team have gelled together and are working in a manner that we like to see at Ambition, with athletes returning from the glacier at 5pm some days after smashing out the runs. The days have been as full and tough as ever and the athletes have responded well so far, some of them getting their first taste of what it really means to follow a focused program, others (in the form of our new Ambition Development Team) getting closer to race pace as the days go by.

The weekend saw the team take a day off and as the snow fell we were forced to stay off of the mountain on Monday also, however not a minute was wasted and after putting our heads together, we decided to crack on with our agility session; in the form of a mass game of Man Hunt in the Bormio woods. The day proved to be very tiring with afternoon sessions in the sports hall, weights gym and finally the Bormio Terme to cap it off.

Tuesday saw the sky's clear with perfect sunshine and although we had a late start, the Stelvio Pass was eventually opened for us to get up the hill. However, the wind soon put a spanner in the works and we were forced to come down after only a few runs - frustrating but not altogether uncommon for this time of year.

On a plus side the day saw the coaches get the first fresh tracks of the winter and with snow all the way down to Bormio town, we are looking at the best start to the season in over 50 years with Bormio set to open on 6th November.