'GoPro or Go Home'

Atomic Camp (Hemel) round-up....

30 July 2011 AT 14:21:53

What with packing up and heading home Thursday night followed by a birthday celebration, it has taken until today to get this blog post online.

Thursday was an awesome last day on the Atomic-Ambition camp, we had some great fun going through some team building games in the morning off of the slope and then saw some good improvements throughout the morning on the skis. While the 2 younger groups tried to apply their new 'team-work' skills to the slopes in a syncro competition, the Big Dog's group were out testing skis freshly tuned with the new Snowglide Tool. 

Phil Gordon from Snow& Rock kindly offered his services for the day, setting the new tool to work on a variety of Atomic Test skis. Sam Stevens, the eventual runner up in the race was 0.2 seconds quicker per run on the Atomic 155 tuned with the SnowGlide than on his own skis. Food for thought for the future with this kind of technology now available for ski tuning.

So the afternoon saw the athletes compete in our traditional end of week race. We saw some great moves in the race mixed in with some wild moves, but all the kids were pushing hard at 100% and even Odi Green (Ross Green's oldest son) decided he wanted a shot. The camp supporters made sure that no-one went home empty handed but the big prizes up for grabs were eventually snapped up as below.

Nippers Group: Pair of Atomic Race Skis. (Atomic) - Winner - DOM DALEY

Coolios Group: Dianese Back Support (Snow & Rock) - Winner - RYAN MCCANN, BETH SOMAN, TOM CHAMBEY

Big Dogs Group: GoPro Camera (GoPro, through Snow & Rock) - Winner - BARNEY LEWIS

All in all, i saw a lot of smiles, a lot of improvement and a lot of hard work go into the week by everyone involved, all that's left to say is that i hope Ipswich next week goes just as well and we hope to see 'The A-Team' back again for next year's camp with Atomic and Ambition.

Many thanks to all!

Tilley collecting her most improved prize!


'The A-Team' Camp t-shirts. In need of a good wash by this point!


Dom Daley showed some brilliant moves to win himself a FREE pair of skis, courtesy of Atomic.


Barney Lewis, taking the overall win and the GoPro camera with it. Good day for him!

Atomic Camp Day 3

Atomic camp coming to an end...

27 July 2011 AT 17:14:55

Day 3 complete, wow this has shot past this week.

We had some great sessions today, the timing up for the starts, some memory routines on the slope, fitness testing and of course a few sessions blasting some gates, looking at specific tactics and putting the start technique into practice. It was actually pretty interesting to see which athletes were fastest over the first 3-4 seconds compared to those who are usually quickest over a full length course. Room for improvement for a few of the bigger guys thats for sure!!!

Tomorrow we will get ready in the morning with some team-building games off of the slope, followed by our video Syncro competition, to be judged by the coaches over lunch, or some more technical work outside of the gates before tomorrow's afternoon race.

The format will be a club national style race, with the best time of the first 2 runs, plus the 3rd run time to count. 

The GoPro will be awarded to the fastest time of the day and with so many athletes skiing fast, it will be great to see who will be pushing that extra bit to secure the victory! 

Justin has just been going through the prizes next to me and i'm sure all of the kids will be happy with their reward for a week of hard work - Snow & Rock have made a great contribution to the camp with boots bags for every athlete, Dianese back supports and arranging the GoPro deal for us - not to mention the 20% discounts they have been giving to Ambition athletes all of this week.

Level have provided loads of headwear and gloves to give out as prizes and have supplied special prices to UK athletes on the SQ range (120€) along with the Axel Pro model (100€). So anyone needing level gloves please feel free to contact us directly or pick them up tomorrow!

Atomic of course have been supplying the staff and test skis all week and we would not be where we are on these camps without them, they have such a keen interest in the grass routes of racing and it is great to see so many young athletes benefitting from their support.

Well that's it for now, im looking forward to some great racing tomorrow afternoon!


Mt. Hemel.

Hemel Camp....

26 July 2011 AT 17:17:47

Premier Inn do not offer the best bargains for internet so we missed a day on the blog yesterday!

Camp has got off to a great start yesterday, just over 30 athletes split into the 'Big Dogs' group, run by Edward Drake and Ashley Hill, the 'Coolios' run by Marc Telling and Benn Hall and the 'Nippers' run by Arron Tipping and Justin Mesut. Lots of coaches, lots of good skiers and some great sessions.

Today saw Konrad Bartelski and Graham Bell, 2 of GB's most successful skiers, come to the slope with Jason Summerfield, firstly to show some exclusive footage set to be released on ATOMIC TV (youtube channel). Then this afternoon saw the coaches and SuperStars being raffled off to the dual slalom teams.

It was no surprise that graham Bell's team took a comfortable victory in the final, before being swamped this afternoon for signatures.....

We were all having far to much fun on the slope to stop for pics, but Jason got some footage for the Atomic video and we managed to get a few snaps of this afternoons dodgeball session!

More fun lined up for tomorrow.... Keep tuned until Thursday to find out who will win the GoPro camera, Dianese back supports and Level gloves all there for the taking!

For now its goodbye from The A-Team.


Home sweet home as we say goodbye to Bormio.

24 July 2011 AT 23:10:33

I just didnt manage to get this post online before i left Bormio yesterday so it has had to wait until this evening.

With Friday coming to an end after another great day of skiing, we decided to have our final meal as a Bormio based team in the place we had our first meal back in May 2007 (Baita Dei Pini) when we did the first 'reccy' trip out to Bormio. Friday was a great slalom day for a children's team that holds a huge amount of promise for 2012, a team that seems to have a great dynamic already after just 10 days together. 

Saturday saw us pack up the ski room and clear our stuff out before a bit of motor-sport on the karting track. We jumped in the vans for one final epic trip to the airport, the 3.5 hours reminding me of something i will not miss next year.

It was sad to leave Bormio, leaving the Dei Cas family who have been so helpful to us over the past 4 years, but also very exciting to look ahead to a new challenge, the start of a new era for Ambition Racing and a move that will give the whole team a whole load of new opportunities. 

The very first Ambition Camp in 2007 saw Max Asquith as a first year child racer hanging 10 feet in the air from a t-bar and me wondering 'what this kid was up to?'..... And when i look at this athlete now, the only Ambition skier to have been on the very first and very last Stelvio camps, i know that the job we have done to date has been a good one. Long may it continue.

Arrivederci Bormio. THANKYOU. xxxxxxx


Brilliant Day in Borm...

21 July 2011 AT 21:40:30

Lets start with yesterday...... all the winter layers plus a storm jacket..... and it was still cold! The Austrian C team, along with us and 2 other italian teams were the only teams up there, either we're all hardcore or all stupid.

Today, however (in a similar pattern to the rest of the week) was very very good. Clear sky but still pretty damn cold. The snow still hadn't really softened by the time we left at midday. GS gates was the focus for today with a few markers for turn initiation. Tomorrow will be the same for the 6 juniors while the kids move onto slalom.

This evening saw our standard summer camp BBQ turn into a mass water-fight, with everyone stuffed and drenched before the end of the evening.

Looking forward to a clear day again tomorrow (hopefully).


Back in the game!

Stelvio re-opens with beautiful weather

19 July 2011 AT 18:57:59

Stelvio was open again today with some brilliant weather and conditions more commonly seen in the autumn than at this time of year. We had a great day of GS training with loads and loads of runs on the flats to start off with before going into another brush corridor. The kids especially are starting to look like a strong little unit and we are already seeing some good improvements.


We have also had some more news in today on the Atomic-Ambition Camp to be held at Hemel from the 25th-28th July.

The 'SuperStars Tuesday' is set to be an awesome day, with a team dual slalom set-up that will include Atomic stars being raffled off to make up the final member of each team. 

Athletes now confirmed for Tuesday are:

  • Edward Drake
  • Talan Skeels Piggins
  • Graham Bell
  • Konrad Bartelski
  • Ashley Hill
  • Phillip Schoerghofer

More news from some of our main sponsors too - 

  • Snow & Rock will be offering 20% off of non-sale items in their Hemel store for Atomic-Ambition camp athletes.
  • Snow & Rock will be show-casing their new SnowGlide product, tuning up the test skis for the week. The difference this tool can make is absolutely amazing!
  • LEVEL gloves will be offering their Race SQ (glove & mitten) and Svindal Pro model gloves at reduced prices for Atomic-Ambition camp athletes.

Looks set to be a great couple of weeks!!

On Yer Bike.....

Mountain Closed, time for some Downhill.... (on th

18 July 2011 AT 18:46:47

So we got up to the Stelvio Cable Car this morning which is at 2700m to find fresh snow..... something we don't get to see much on the summer camps, usually that is saved for October. The wind was just too much so they decided not to open the lifts today, complete bummer!

So a 20 strong group headed to the bike shop this morning to rent out some mountain bikes for the day. We had the children out this morning for about 3 and a half hours before the juniors took to the hills this afternoon. Oga has opened a bike park this year so we thought we'd check it out. The ride up was pretty damn tough taking a lot longer than we first thought, but it was all worth it for the ride down!!! (Apart from the point where Pete ate the wall causing a Pete/Barney/Azza pile up.)

Here are the pics:






Wicked day on Stelvio

16 July 2011 AT 21:19:13

Today we woke up to a perfect day; clear, cold and solid snow.

The last 2 days have been a little soft but today made up for it with some bullet proof conditions first thing, all the moisture from yesterday setting overnight to give us great training conditions today.

We carried on where we left off yesterday with juniors doing a few plough-parallels at snail pace to try and get the right movements happening at the right time. The children meanwhile jumped into the brush course to vary balance points with a dictated turn shape. Nothing spectacular going on, just hard work and great to be training hard on a decent snow-pack in great weather.

The juniors were back in the gym this afternoon while the children went on a hike / run / expedition around Bormio. The clouds then came in so our beach volleyball game was rained off this evening unfortunately!

Anyway, tomorrow will be a day off, followed by decent overnight freezing temperatures taking us right through until we depart next Saturday. If we get more days like today, i will be more than happy!

The other thing that has been great is the way the team have all settled in and gelled. There are a fair few new athletes here and everyone seems to be getting along brilliantly - awesome to see.


Ok onto the Ambition Camps for post Stelvio:

Hemel Camp 25th - 28th July - 1 PLACE LEFT. (35/36)

Ipswich Camp - 1st - 5th August - 3 PLACES LEFT. (33/36)


At Hemel we will be holding a SuperStars Tuesday, this will see some of Atomic's biggest stars come to Hemel to race with the athletes in a the SuperStars Dual Slalom. Each SuperStar will be raffled off to make up the final member of each dual slalom team before mentoring the team through the afternoons competition. With some big names lined up, we are expecting a very exciting and fun afternoon!

NEW PRIZES. More support from Snow & Rock - they have announced that they will be throwing boots bags into each and every athlete goody bag! Going to need to come up with some more prize categories soon as they will also be chucking some DIANESE back supports into the prizes pot for the end of the week.

Wow, this post is already way way too long, time for bed!


Brushing up on our skills....

J'adore la Stelvio

15 July 2011 AT 22:04:48

It looked a bit grim when we arrived in the car park at 7.10 this morning to head up the glacier. The clouds seemed to be clinching onto the mountain tops,producing a mixture of rain and sleet through the first hour of this mornings session. We were not to be deterred however as Benn set off with some challenging drills for the children, while the juniors attempted to ski slalom with the weights discs that had been weighing their bags down all morning.

This all worked pretty well - we saw some decent skiing, some small improvements and while we went in for some video analysis, the sun came out. So we spent the last hour of the morning working in a brush slalom course, varying hand positions and trying to nail a decent balance point to build on through the coming months and camps.

This afternoon was awesome fun as we played Man-Hunt on the hill side of the Bagni Nuovi Spa. This lasted for about 3 hours and ended in a game of coaches VS athletes.... The coaches stopping 11 out of 14 athletes from getting in, not a bad effort from the 3 of us (plus a little help from Tom). Following that it was onto the less exciting but equally important core sessions and plyometrics.

This evening has been very positive indeed with 2 new sponsors outlining more of what they would like to do with Ambition during the 2012 winter season - CEP Compression Sportswear and Outdoor Traders both coming on board with details following shortly.

BUT..... The biggest news of the day was from SNOW & ROCK.

These guys have been supporting the Ambition SnowCentre camp for the last 2 years and this year have come up trumps with what must be THE top prize of this years camp.... Oh yes... It's a GoPro.

For anyone who has not seen what these puppies do, check out They are awesome and we have 1 and only 1 to give away on the Atomic-Ambition Camp in Hemel from the 25th - 28th July.

More news on the camps tomorrow!


We avoided getting wet!

14 July 2011 AT 22:15:40

We managed to dodge a down-pour this morning as the sun came out. It was warm but we managed to get some good runs in before the clouds came over. Today gave the new Ambition athletes a chance to show us what they could do on the snow, and gave us coaches a chance to start identifying strengths and weaknesses! Justin is working with a small group for a few days, getting Sarah Glasgow and Paddy Taylor up to speed as quickly as possible.

This afternoon saw the juniors getting back into the swing of things with their lifting techniques, followed by a core session. The children meanwhile, made use of the new Ambition Agility Kit, doing a range of jumps, steps, and darting around the garden. Max Asquith in particular has made a massive leap forwards with his fitness, all the hard work since April paying off!!!


On a separate note, the Atomic-Ambition Camp that starts on the 25th July running through until the 28th is now full and we have an awesome week lined up. More details of the program are set to be released over the coming week.

Until tomorrow.... Buono Notte.

Here we go.....

The Final Countdown....

13 July 2011 AT 21:02:18

The team arrived back in Bormio today for the final camp before we move base to Leogang in October. And one thing we wont miss is that airport run to Milan, that is for certain!

There are a lot of the new athletes with us for this camp so today has been a case of getting into resort, getting skis prepped and setting the scene for what Ambition is all about and how the next 10 days will work. New children's coach Benn Hall has been laying down the law and getting the guys ready to work also. The standard summer Thunder storms are giving it hell outside so that either means a day of Glacier powder....... or a wash-out for tomorrow! Either way, the gym will be ready and waiting for us come the afternoon, as will the mountain bikes and various other activities here. 

Meanwhile, Beth Soman has today been awarded with an 'Oustanding contribution to Skiing' award at her school awards evening so a huge well done to her from all of us out here. 

Ah, and check this out - i was a little worried about snow-fall and temperatures in Chile, but it looks as though we will be fine when we head down to La Parva next month after the AtomicUK camps.


Official Announcement.

04 July 2011 AT 15:09:31

This will possibly not be 'news' to most people as the skiing world is not the largest of places, however, it is true that Ambition Racing will be delivering programs from a new home as of October 2011!

The past 10 weeks have been filled with trips back and forth to Austria to meet with the various accountants, solicitors and bank managers amongst others, all needed to make a project such as this become a reality. I am now pleased to say that on Wednesday 29th June, the contracts were all signed for Haus Tirol; a Guesthouse located in the village of Leogang on the back of Saalbach in Austria, to become the new home of the Ambition Racing Team.

The vision of creating a permanent 'home' or 'base' for Ambition is not a new idea, it is something that we have strived for since day 1. The chance to make this a reality however has been a different story. So, after the success of the team in 2010/2011, i decided that we should explore the possibilities again and invest as much as we could in the Ambition Athletes, to take a leap of faith and provide something to enhance the programs beyond belief for 2012. 

Our new home will sleep 39 people and is a 5 minute drive away from the Leogang lift station. It is in a familiar area (i was based in Lofer 30 minutes away as part of the British Development Team from 2002-2005) that gives us access to a huge variety of training pistes and hills both throughout the summer and winter - 23 different resorts within an hour's drive. The close proximity of the airports will mean more snow time for each and every athlete and having a permanent home will enable us to build up a history over the years and more of a community within the various Ambition Teams and age groups. 

The building of a new, large ski room is to start in September, along with an in-house weights gym, core + recovery room, athletes lounge and activity room all to be developed before we start in October.

This move will by no means guarantee success but it will take every athlete one step closer to reaching their full potential - i am sure they are all as excited as i am to move in for October!!!

Ambition Update!

News, News and more News.....

04 July 2011 AT 14:15:23

A few busy weeks for the Ambition athletes it seems;

In the past few weeks i have had updates from Hemel ERSA where Kieran performed brilliantly, the Manchester Grand Prix races where Ella and Olivia Ward stood side by side on the Children1 podium and again this weekend reports of podium places up at Braehead from both Kieran Norris and Beth Soman.  It is great that our athletes are keeping up the good work over the summer and with the Stelvio, Hemel, Ipswich and Chile camps coming up over the next 6 weeks, there is for sure a lot more to come.

I have returned for the 4th and final time (for the summer) from Austria where we had Charlie Raposo and Alex Buchanan over collecting new kit and having a ski on the Kitzsteinhorn. We also had a few meetings each afternoon to sort out a few bits and pieces for the coming season, these all went well and things are looking great for the new team going into 2011/2012.

The 2012 Ambition Team is pretty much full now too which is great news - Senior Men, Junior Men & Women and Children Girls are all full, with 1 place remaining in the Children Boy's group. We are really pleased with all the new athletes who have come on board, all seem ready to work and most will join us up on Stelvio from the 13th July for their first experience of Ambition!

Cant wait!