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BLog is working again and British Champs are going

31 March 2011 AT 15:44:45

Got the race meeting in a moment so i'll try and make this quick..... basically today we had one of the best days that i can remember since Ambition Racing started. After yesterday's slalom leg of the Super-Combined, the girls and boys had good starting bibs within the top 30 and a slight overnight freeze meant we could get the NJC Super-G underway this morning.

The day belonged to the girls as Ellie Pocock won the Overall Super-Combined title (just ahead of Imogen Taylor), taking the under-18 and best non-team titles in the process. Emily Evans claimed 3rd spot in the Super-Combined event to complete an Ambition 1-2-3 in the British competition. Meanwhile Imi Taylor just pipped Ellie on the Super-G leg by .07 to claim the National Junior Super-G Champion title to make up another podium 1-2 for Ambition. Violet Miller was not far behind and with a blistering run from bib 1, managed to take 2nd place behind Imi in the Junior1 Category.

The boys were also fast this morning with some great skiing from Tom White up top before a mistake lower down, Brad Morgan claimed the male British Junior Super-G title, with Roy Steudle close behind in 3rd.

The results from the Downhill a few days ago are online too.... Imi took the under 18 title in that coming in as 3rd Brit, while Brad took 3rd Brit in the mens race.

What a start!!!!! Unbelievable days here in Meribel, not the best weather as usual but i am very very proud and very very happy right now.... A massive thanks to all the athletes, parents and staff from Ambition who have helped us to get to this stage.

Here are the pics:

















GS for (Great skiing)

Last day for the Ambition Children in the Borm

30 March 2011 AT 19:44:18



Once again the pistes were solid and the weather was with us, so we jumped onto the GS decks. “Perfect timing” to get the timing out.   It seemed everything went our way as the guys were conquering their faults. So all in all everyone had a positive day.



Here are the best times of the day to give you a idea of how the guys did.


Luke Riddell            00:31:00

Will Wheeler            00:31:67

Luke Maynard         00:32:65

Max Asquith             00:32:95

Oli Chalkley              00:33:11


Alice Taylor              00:33.29

Beth Soman             00:33.76

Izzy Taylor                00:34.68

Lucy Kahve               00:37:86


Rain coats packed, bring on the British champs

British NC Super-G

Great start for Ambition!

28 March 2011 AT 15:23:01


Todays Dh training was cancelled which was a little annoying but yesterday was an awesome day for Ambition.

The NC Super-G started off with Ellie Pocock taking 3rd with Imi Taylor close behind in 4th overall. Ellie also took the Under-18 title. In the mens event, Brad Morgan took 2nd Brit, just ahead of James Foster in 3rd. Roy Steudle took the Under-18 title in the mens event - a title held by Ashley Hill from 2010.

Lets hope for more results in the coming days..... if it stops raining and gets a little colder!!!!

Grand tour.... Oga, Bormio, Santa Caterina...

Children girls train GS

24 March 2011 AT 20:27:13

Following on from 3 great days of slalom tech work in Oga and Bormio, the children girls moved on to Santa Caterina to start on the GS training. With clear blue sky, perfect snow and quiet pistes we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Straight away the girls were feeling right at home on the GS skis and were tearing up the pistes, showing that they can transfer this weeks good work from slalom into GS.

Tomorrow we move onto Bormio for more GS and some super-g.

You’re got your Crazy Canucks, but here’s the Ball

SG Freeski

22 March 2011 AT 22:13:10

So today we took the super fast decks up Santa Caterina. Once again the weather was perfect and the snow was sweeter than sweet, and the best thing we had the resort pretty much to our selfs.  Could we ask for anymore? 

Maybe awesome skiing from the Children boy’s!  “CHECK”

snow way,, this is awesome


21 March 2011 AT 20:03:42


After an awesome Sunday skiing in Livigno, the children boys started the week by knuckling down and nailing the GS tech. Snow was perfect, snow was sweet and the team was in good spirits. The whole team benefitted from this and all made huge improvements.


well done boys, keep this up for the British!!


Tomorrow, SG in Santa Caterina.

Loving Livigno!

Free ski day

20 March 2011 AT 21:55:12

So the rest of Europe is struggling for snow with resorts under rain clouds. This is not the case in Italy, certainly not in Livigno, which is where the whole team spent the day skiing.

With 3 very busy weeks ahead of us we took the opportunity to have a free ski day and just enjoy ourselves. This involved hitting the park, the piste and the off piste. The highlight of the day being the huge airbag jump in the park. The children girls put in a good effort with Lucy hiking back up time again to have ‘one more go’. As a sideline there was the one-piece competition (who could get the most photos taken with random skiers in one-piece ski suits). The competition was won by the team of Ellie Pocock and Emily Evans with almost 30, taking the win by a narrow margin ahead of Emily Pocock, Imi Taylor and Violet Miller.

What an excellent start to this training block. Keep up the good work guys!

Would you Adam and Eve it

Aiglon GS race

18 March 2011 AT 20:54:10

So, a totally different day to the one before (No rain).  Arrive at Villars expecting to water ski, but no, the piste was solid as a rock. You could feel the air was pretty warm even before the sun had came out. However, we didn't let this bother us as we were simply happy the race was  going ahead.

One run down: Freya 2nd CH1, Alice 2nd CH2, Riddell 1st, Will and Oli copying each others times putting them into 4th CH2 with Aza not far behind. Second run goes ahead: Freya securing 2nd position, Alice unfortunately dropping two places putting her in 4th, Riddell killing it to make sure he took away the win, followed by Olly Eaton with 2nd fastest time, Oli and Aza hung in there too and weren't far off the pace.

Back home to Bormio where there's plenty of fresh snow...

Boom Boom Pow....

Living it up in Bormio....

18 March 2011 AT 15:40:05

Love that Jutty and Chris have started blogging about what the kids are up to..... as you can now all see, the children's team does exist, it is not just made up!

As mentioned yesterday, we had a big dump of snow in Bormio....  yes a big one... so today's powder day was pretty sweet. I was worried when the 4-man from Bormio 200 started off closed due to ''high winds'' (piste patrol getting 1st tracks more like) but it soon opened and the hill was ours to play with.

I'll say no more, pics tell a 1000 words and all that....


(p.s news in that Riddell won in Aiglon today and Chaz Raposo came 11th in Topolino GS.... awesome news and results, congrats boys).






















Aiglon race or no Aiglon race that is the question

wet, wet and more being wet

17 March 2011 AT 21:51:59

Yet another early morning start for the Ambition children, this time to race in Villars for the Aiglon College Cup. 

It may sound like I'm complaining but it seemed to be even warmer, perhaps this had something to do with the fact we drove through a lot of rain to get there. We then pulled up (in the rain) to be told 'race cancelled'. This left us with the dilemma of what to do on such a miserable day. Dressed in ski gear and not knowing Villars too well didn't help so we decided to jump in the van back to les Houches, leaving us spoilt for choice on what we could do. Climbing was the first choice, but with Chamonix being the 'mecca' for climbers we found this was  jam packed.  So we had the choice of ice skating or bowling, these options sounded too good to miss out on, so we did both. The ice skating arena was the coldest I've been for the last week, but the kids really enjoyed it. Once we were done at the rink we headed down with the troops to go bowling. Some very strange techniques going on but points built up. One thing that I am glad about was that I managed to beat all the kids, wahhoo.

Lets just hope they are able to run the GS tomorrow.

'Softly softly catchy monkey'

Shame to race on a day like this....

17 March 2011 AT 15:29:11

What's with the title you may ask.... well..... i was thinking about saying something really smart and sophisticated as to why it applies today but i've mainly been saying it because the snow is soft and i like the way the phrase sounds.

We woke up to some fresh snow down in Bormio today, which usually means a LOAD of snow higher up. And today was no different, a foot of new snow, ready to make fresh tracks in but instead we had to slide the hell out of the course, get the piste basher up and get the slalom going.

It took about 3 slips (from about 150 people) and a lot of shovels but we got down to something slightly harder before the 1st run, with girls and guys on the same course though it got a little bit bumpy. As for our guys, Brad was going well and was so close to the finish on the 2nd run before he took a fall, Ellie suffered the same fate and Luke took quite a bit of air which is never a good thing for slalom! 

Emily Evans had another awesome day, smashing her previous PB slalom result with an awesome 2nd run in the bumps. After skiing into 8th on the first run, it was not an easy ride and Emily did well to finish with the 4th fastest time on run 2.

Anyway, races done for this week, plan was to train slalom tomorrow, however, we will be enjoying some serious powder instead on the fat boys and twin tips. Cant wait.

i'sn't skiing supposed to be cold?

interschool day 2

16 March 2011 AT 20:32:30

The question going into today was.....'Can it get any warmer?' And the answer...... 'Yes it can'.

The 2nd day of the Interschool’s races saw the races flipped with boys running Slalom and girls competing in GS.
The Girls had the same luck as the boys by only having the one run, but this turned out to suit us well as Freya Eaton came 2nd and Alice Taylor came 4th! The boys, meanwhile were looking good after the 1st run with Luke Riddell laying in 1st, Olly Eaton 4th, William Wheeler 6th, Luke Maynard 6th and Oli Chalkley 12th. 1 hour later, the second run came around and the baked snow had turned to porridge, the boys stayed focused though, skiing very well in sections with Riddell ending up 3rd, Luke Maynard 4th, Wheeler 5th and Oliver Chalkley bumping up into 9th. Aza redeemed him self by completing second run but Olly was cursed with a DNF.
Good work guy’s... we are getting better and better with each race...

Next stop Villars, (Aiglon Cup)


Better day on Stella Alpina....

16 March 2011 AT 15:01:35

Not sure what the weather here is doing, Monday was like summer with perfect clear sky, yesterday was overcast and today it was back to the storm jacket with new snow and a bit of wind to go with it on Bormio 2000.

Finally we looked like a race team again today, not everyone was in the finish but the skiing that went on and the approach was so much better than yesterday. Emily Evans came away with an awesome GS result, skiing a solid 1st run and then great 2nd run on the Stella Alpina piste. Alex Buchanan also looked much more aggressive and although the times were not as good as we would like, it was still a positive day for her.

In the boys race we had 3 DNF's and then Peter Glasgow who had to endure a course that only partially resembled the one he inspected.... a very tough day for the boys but good training if nothing else for the younger athletes especially. 

Onto slalom tomorrow, here's hoping for a clear afternoon, sub-zero temps and a good freeze...........


Oh, and here is a clip of Tipping showing his gymnastics skills..... (he's fine)


The one that got away......

Damn it.

15 March 2011 AT 19:02:25

Damn it. What an understatement. Writing this for the sake of writing today, not much to report from Bormio, we stumbled across the best race of the season for girls in today's UNI Super-G but sadly we have very little to show for it.

Praying for a better day tomorrow!

Back 2 Work

Intershcools 2011 CH

14 March 2011 AT 21:18:42


Arrived Saturday evening with the troops, all in good spirit having just had two weeks off of skis.

Sunday Training; made our way up to Grand Bois (les Houches) to set Slalom. lift passes "check", equipment "check", snow "umm it's not so bad, bit thin in places but ok (check)". So up went the course, 10 runs before lunch, brilliant morning but it was getting warmer all the time! Not good! After lunch Giant Slalom. The course was tough, bumpy and tracked to the max and this definitely set them up for todays race. Another 7 runs down completing an awesome first day of training............. "check". 

Monday Race Day; Boys GS, Girls SL. We woke up to a beautiful day and everything seemed perfect except the temperature. Yes even warmer - especially when the sun came out. At the boys race we managed to get the first run down with Luke Riddell taking 2nd, Will Wheeler 3rd Olly Eaton taking away 5th place - Oli Chalkley and Luke Maynard copied each other and came in joint 6th with Aza not far behind. Not a bad start from the boys! By the time the second run came around the snow had turned to porridge..... deep porridge and we had to abandon the 2nd run. In the girls race Alice Taylor had a bit of an error half way down the first run and DNF'd sadly, but Freya Eaton managed to take away 2nd which was awesome. Hopefully tomorrow will be just as good maybe better. 
Fingers crossed.....!
(Freya and Olly Eaton are Telford skiers joining us for the week, great to have them along with the team in Les Houches).

We believe in Santa?

Santa Caterina in great condition still as Europe

14 March 2011 AT 12:19:43

What a morning - loading up the van at 7 i wondered if the fog would clear and by the time we got to Santa Caterina it was blazing sunshine! The guys set of for a few Super-G runs before slalom training while myself, Mel, Chris Hillier (here this week with Jack), and a Alta Valtelina coach got to work on the setting.

The conditions were great with a bit of new snow again overnight, as we left it was getting a little soft but the slope held up well for the training session with some of the fastest runs coming in the last 2 or 3.

The guys were ok today, one or 2 good runs but overall we should be doing a lot better.....

Found this pic in Photo Sosio yesterday too, thought it was worth the purchase for Roy 'i dream of angles' Steudle

'You better check yourself before you wreck yourse

Juniors kick off first day of the last training bl

13 March 2011 AT 16:28:23

Great day of free-skiing in Livigno today, been here 4 years and never skied that side of Livigno....!

We headed over this morning to have a fun day before the tough 4-5 weeks that lie ahead, a bit of fresh snow and some warmer temperatures made for an awesome morning of free skiing with the team... we found an awesome little snow tunnel half-way down a skier-x, played 'touch the one piece' and realised that we all need a bit more work in the moguls.

Anyway after lunch we moved onto a bit of motor sport at the Ice Quad Biking and then had a bit of time spare for a shop (where Mouse and Ellie took to the streets to get ahead on the search for one piece retro ski suits).

Off to Santa Caterina for slalom training first thing tomorrow!

Drift and Punch.....

Making some shapes.....

Battling it out.....

The quick get-away......

Unken + Goetschen

Austria trip starts off well for the girlies!

03 March 2011 AT 16:34:19

Had 2 awesome days of Super-G training and 2 Super-G races since the last post!

We started off in Heutal, (Unken) for some full length training days along with the British Jnr Team girls, with a quick turn-around we were managing 6 runs on the 55 second SG before 10.30! The Ambition girls made some good runs but were a little off the pace set by Alex Tilley and Harriet Steggles. Ellie Pocock also had a bit of a crash, taking her out of training for a few days before coming back strong in todays races.

The girls raced 2 Super-G's back to back in Goetschen today with both Imi and Ellie making second results. With some awesome skiers competing, the girls did well not to be too far off the pace - it was more like a Super-G sprint at less than a minute long.

Onto Innerkrems CIT Super-G tomorrow where the boys have been racing for the past few days, lets hope for more top performances throughout tomorrow and the weekend as this training block comes to a close!