GS for the girls, Slalom for the Boys...

good job!

31 March 2012 AT 14:25:58

Another day of perfect weather here in Meribel meant the slopes were solid and the races were fast!

Ambition had another strong day at the last events of the British Senior Championships, the boys had a tough course to start with most of the field failing to complete the first run, 3 of our boys suffered the same fate, but Luke Steyn and Kieran Norris managed to complete the run and make it into the top 30. The second run saw both Luke and Kieran make mistakes, however they carried a decent amount of speed and both completed to score PB slalom results.

In the grils race, Imi, Beth, Alex and Vi all put in great first runs, Beth moving from bib 32 into 13th position on the first run. Imi had 2 sweet runs with just a few mistakes to end up 3rd (just losing out on 2nd today), to complete what has become the standard podium of Tilley, Guest, Taylor this week.

Imi also made it a clean sweep of Under-18 titles and took the under-18 combined championship title too. Beth did not quite manage as good a run as first time out but she still smashed her previous PB result to make 118. Vi also made a second result and for the time both these girls have spent on snow this year, we are very very pleased. Alex Buchanan showed some of her best GS skiing up top, battling against bone bruising which has hampered her perfromance this week, very pleased with her too.

All in all a good day and we are looking forward to the next 2 days of Junior tech championship races....


Coming to a slope near you this summer....

30 March 2012 AT 16:14:24

With the Meribel heat fresh in everyone's mind, we thought what better time than to let you all know about the 2012 Atomic-Ambition UK Camp line-up.

With the competition hotting up this summer between both athletes and camp providers, we have worked hard to bring UK skiers more for their money, with more camps, better prizes and cheaper prices.

This summer will see the introduction of the new GBR race series and with many of the competitions held in Manchester at the Chill Factore we have decided to run a few test camps up there over selected weekends. 

The Suffolk camps are back as our regular and only dry slope camps now - the addition of the high wires park & new terrain at the slope sure to go down well.

Hemel is still in the line-up, always popular and accessible to a huge number of skiers, we look forward to working with the SnowCentre during this week. Ross Welch will also be running the freestyle element of this camp as we look to develop the Atomic Freestyle Camps in 2013.

Our coaching line up looks great too, with the Ambition Team getting stronger each year and guest coaches coming in for selected days & weeks. 

Keep checking the website for additions to the line-up as we look to link up with the successful Alpha Camps, run by Jo Ryding & Benn Hall.... On top of that Scottish skiing legend Finaly Mickel will be looking to add his expertise to the Atomic-Ambition UK Camps tour with our first ever Scottish Camp.

Any questions please contact (Ambition) or (Atomic), or head to the website to book your places!


Onto the Tech!

GS for the men, Slalom for the women...

30 March 2012 AT 13:48:56

We finally finished the speed races yesterday and this morning it was time for tech!

Girls for Slalom, boys for GS was the order of the day, things started off well when Roy skied from bib 16 into 8th place, this was followed up by Raposo skiing a powerful first run also. Luke Riddell also looked to be flying down the stade but went inside at the bottom of the steep and was out, the other boys had some mistakes which cost them dearly, Kieran just missing out on the top 30 flip. Roy skied a solid 2nd run to and ended up 6th overall, scoring his PB points result too (48). Aza also made his 2nd best result, despite stopping part way down the first run, a sign of how far he has come this season.

In the girls race, Imogen Taylor skied to her points, and to a position that she has owned this week - coming 3rd Brit overall and taking her 4th under 18 title, just the GS to go to make it a clean sweep for 2012. Also, the strength in depth is starting to show as although Thomasine came out first run, Beth Widdup took advantage of the top 15 reverse and fisnished cleanly to score her first sub-100 result (97), Beth has worked incredibly hard with the time available to her this season so it is great for her to tick of another one of her seasonal goals.

Tomorrow we will switch round for the last race of the British Senior Champs, before we move onto the Junior tech events on Sunday and Monday! Busy schedule but we are going strong and enjoying the great conditions.

Go Team!!!!!!

Ambitious as ever....

Another strong day for Ambition.

29 March 2012 AT 14:34:27

Today's event was the NC Super-Combined and the NJC Super-G.....

Things looked good going into this morning as a challenging SG was set up top, using the terrain to the maximum and giving the athletes something to think about. 

The girls kicked off first today in the shade with some fast skiing, with Imi Taylor taking the 3rd step on the podium for the 3rd race in a row (in the SG & SC competition). Alex Tilley and Charlie have managed to stay a little in front in the speed this year but Imi is working hard to keep up with them. Thomasine recorded a time on the speed hill finally with some great skiing on the flats while Violet Miller got closer to her best with a strong run to place 2nd in the Jn1 category just behind Darcie Mead - a great result considering Vi's snow time this winter. Alex Buchanan gave it her best shot but her knee is still hampering her skiing and Alex will sadly miss the NC slalom tomorrow now.

In the boys event, the big guns went early on, with TJ baldwin and Brad Morgan setting good times - the boys race was pretty exciting today with most of the top guys making small mistakes and giving some time away. Roy Steudle started later on today with high Super-Combined points, but managed to sneak the British Junior Super-G title to go with his English title that he won in February. Kieran and Luke Riddell skied well but not without their own errors as Riddell went inside lower down and Kieran scrubed his speed away in the panorama turn. Wee man Aza, skied some great sections up top but lost a little lower down, still great experience for him and he will be back and well up for the speed events again in 2012. Peter and Chalkley were well below par today sadly, while Barney also had an up & down run.

The slalom leg was classic Meribel, soft snow, salt & ruts.... We were ok but definitely need some work and 'figuring out' in video tonight before we hit the NC slaloms over the next 2 days.

Onwards and upwards - i'll try to get some more exciting pics tomorrow!

DH finale.....

Final Day of Downhill at National Champs.....

28 March 2012 AT 20:02:05

So today rounded up the DH races at the British Champs.....

Ambition had a strong day with Brad and Roy taking 2nd & 3rd spots respectively in the GBR event, Roy closing the gap to the leader to his smallest margin over the 3 runs.

Imogen took the under-18 title to add to her Super-G under 18 a few days ago, she was a little disappointed with the skiing but as with most of our guys now, knows exaclty where she lost it and what to do next. Riddell and Aza scored points in a discipline that is totally new to them, great to see Aza getting the line right today over the jump and loving every minute of it to the bottom.

This afternoon we had a little time to relax, with our resident chef's Dawn and Graham Asquith making use of the pizza oven - the juniors got through 36 pizza bases!!! That's right, Graham built a pizza oven and transported it out here in the car! Now that is commitment to the Ambition Team! Jut then had to shoot off to the meeting.... He took the chopper of course.

Tomorrow will see the Ambition team at full force, competing in the NC Super-Combi event, a chance for the Ambition tech skiers to show their skills.

Spirit is high in the camp here!


Best shot......

NJC Downhill

27 March 2012 AT 12:46:30

So today was the day for the NJC Downhill.... a mixed bag for Ambition really.....

Boys were starting the proceedings again, with Roy Steudle running bib 5 for Ambition (my lucky number), he put in another strong perfromance and looked to be in gold position until Matthew Thompson laid down a run that just pipped Roy by a few tenths. Next was Kieran Norris, continuing a brilliant season to place 4th Jnr 1, narrowly missing out on 2nd place. Max Baggio was untouchable in Junior 1 today but Kieran, Laurie Taylor and Charlie Raposo were all incredibly close, Kieran just missing out on the podium.

We had Peter Glasgow looking strong again up top but the time just didnt do him justice and that will be something we need to look closely at in video this afternoon. Luke Riddell finished his first DH with a very respectable time, while Max Asquith let the excitment get the better of him, taking huge air up top and missing the next gate - he will be back strong tomorrow.

In the girls race, Imi sadly took a similar line to yesterday and suffered the same fate as Aza, while Vi skied a solid run as our only female finisher. Alex Buchanan will miss tomorrow to rest her knee and Thomasine will now train with Beth in preparation for the Super-Combined in 2 days time.

It was great to see the old boys on the podium together - well done to Ash (who had to re-run) and Roy, in 2nd & 3rd.

That's more like it.....

Picking up the pace in DH training....

26 March 2012 AT 11:31:05

A few DH first timers for Ambition today with Aza, Thomasine & Riddell getting a taste of the speed and all going at it well.

The DH track went from top to bottom in Meribel today with many of the runs completed in excess of 2 minutes! It's tough on the legs for anyone but especially when you are in your first or second year FIS and your legs look more like toothpics.

Anyway, what a step up from yesterday! We still weren't prefect but overall there was good skiing and good tactics from the Ambition skiers. Imogen, along with TJ (who posted the fastest boys time) missed a gate higher up but went on to ski a decent clean line through the rest of the course - promising for tomorrows race. Thomasine and Alex had errors that led to DNF's but went at the course as they should, looking for speed!

The younger boys loved it! Aza has not stopped smiling and the boys looked to have left the nerves of yesterday behind them.

Lets hope we can step it up again tomorrow and make an assault on the podium.

Fingers crossed!!!!

Meribel Again....

National Champs Super-G

25 March 2012 AT 18:03:59

Well it feels pretty strange to be back here already, it really doesnt seem like 12 months ago thats for sure.....

There is more than enough snow this year and the Super-G was back to running the full length from the top of the Olympic chairlift.

For Ambition, the day went ok, we didn't have our best day but there was some very strong skiing in section when we looked through the video, for sure the guys have a lot more to show and i think the downhill training will give them the chance to nail it a little more. 

Imogen Taylor put in a decent time to claim the Under-18 title, an award that was previously held by Ellie Pocock in 2011. Roy Steudle skied a blinder of a run and would have been in contention for a top 3 had it not been for a couple of errors. Roy held onto 3rd Brit position behind TJ baldwin & Bradley Morgan (also Ambition).

The young guns had a tough day, Peter Glasgow skied brilliantly but made 1 massive error and ended up well off the pace sadly, there were good sections from all the boys though, Barney Lewis making some great Super-G turns and showing he is more than just a slalom skier. Former Ambition legend Charlie Raposo is back from GMVS also and made a solid start with 2nd Under 18 in the mens race.

Lots to improve on for tomorrow but not a bad start....

We're Back.

Last Core Camp of the winter....

18 March 2012 AT 11:46:50

Hasn't time flown by....!!!!!!

Seems like a few weeks ago that we came back from Chile and collected the keys for Haus Tirol, but when i think what we have all acheived in the last 6 months, we have managed to squeeze a lot in.

So most of the kids and juniors are back, the Seniors are away in Sweden now until the end of April so we wont be seeing them for a while. The sun is out and we are going to make the most of the freeze-thaw conditions here this week. Few days on the ice but i think we'll train an afternoon in the soft crud, ready for those tretchorous 2nd runs.

Happy mother's day to all the mums back home, sure your nippers will call once they're off the hill.

Stay tuned for more updates y'all.