Atomic Camp Day 2!

Live and learn....

31 May 2011 AT 17:51:03

Day 2 of the Ambition-Atomic Camp saw sponsored athlete Talan Skeels-Piggins arrive to present his take on the sport of ski racing and the challenges that face us all.

The 15 Atomic Camp athletes, sat in silence as Talan explained his journey through the last decade which has seen him go from skiing in the way we all know it, to being given just days to live and coping with paralysis, to competing in Vancouver at the Paralympic in 2010. Truly inspirational stuff something for every athlete to think about and take away with them.

(Sarah Woodward, Yasmin Cooper and Alicja Krahelski spelling it out for us - Smartie style)

We followed on yesterday's 'speed of movement' work with some drills on 'starts', demonstrated below by Toby Case. This afternoon saw the athletes tackle some challenging courses and we rounded everything off with another question & answers session with Talan and some discussion on start routines, focus and visualisation.

All great stuff and some big improvements going on! The kids are excited to see what they can do in the SuperStars style fitness tests with Atomic athlete - Imogen Taylor tomorrow.

For now its food time + cinema!!!!

Atomic Camp Tour Part 1

Atomic Tour kicks off in Hemel.

31 May 2011 AT 07:57:53


The first Atomic Camp of 2011 kicked off yesterday at Hemel with some fresh new faces!

Our 2 prize-winners; Toby Case (LSERSA) and Alicja Krahelski (British Champs) were in attendance along with 12 other athletes, with more set to join in the fun once they return from Landgraaf tomorrow. The main question from the under 10's though has been 'will they be starring in the Atomic video this year'?!!

Yesterday saw the guys work hard with coaches Marc Telling and Aaron Tipping in the morning on their agility and co-ordination skills, followed by possibly the longest 'suicide' course we have set!! Some great skiing, big improvements and impressive spills were seen throughout the day! 

Massive thanks to Atomic and Hemel for making this event possible, we are all waiting the arrival of Atomic athlete, Talan Skeels-Piggins this morning, with other Atomic stars set to arrive in the coming days.

We'll keep you up to date right here!


A day of podiums in Holland.

A quick update from the first day of BASS races in

29 May 2011 AT 20:41:17

Today was the first day of the English Bass Indoor Races in Landgraaf Holland. We have said before just how good the facility is so there is not much need for me to say what a great two days of on hill and dryland training we have had prior to today.

However what I do need to say is a well done to our athletes after the first day of races. Will Wheeler managed an impressive 2nd place in the children boys’ category after putting down two solid runs. On her first camp with Ambition, Anna Henderson placed and equally impressive 2nd in the children girls category. Izzy Taylor was in a strong position after the first run but some mistakes in the second run cost her the podium position she is capable of.

All in all a very positive day. Keep up the good work guys and let’s hope we have some more great results tomorrow.


New Ambition Team skiers doing the business....

27 May 2011 AT 12:18:41


Pretty quiet over the past few weeks, either meaning there is a lot going on that we are keeping on the 'Down Low' or that Ambition is a boring Academy where nothing goes on so we have nothing to report.....

Developing Ambition is an on-going task that will never end, the 'what do you do in the summer' questions seem to have died down recently with my spine getting increasingly annoyed at the hours spent in front of my computer.

So what have we been doing? Well most of the team are busy with exams, following fitness programs and getting equipment sorted for next year but some are having it large on the slopes still week in, week out. 

I have been keeping a close eye on these 2 skiers for the last year and i am pleased to see both Olivia (pictured below winning) and Ella Ward, bringing home the silverware at both plastic and indoor races. (Ella has broken her thumb but is ok and will be back in no time we are sure).



Some of the team will be in Hemel next week for the indoor camp, while others are already in Landgraaf at the new BASS races being run there. Lets hope that Izzy, Will and Anna do the business for Ambition (Freya hurt her foot and obviously needs a stair-master so could not go). 

For the staff, Benn is finishing exams, Chris is in Holland and Jutty is no doubt designing the 2012 Ambition clothing!!! For me, well im trying to clear the old inbox, update the website and work on a few little projects for the team, who will, without question have the most awesome set-up for 2011/2012. ;-)

The new team will be announced fully in due course, but we are very very pleased to see some new names and strong skiers involved with Ambition for next winter.


Fitness + PaintBall!!

Ambition Fitness and Team Bonding weekend went dow

15 May 2011 AT 22:42:51

Saturday's fitness screening at the Surrey Sports Park saw a great turn out from Ambition athletes new and old. With the proceedings being led by Surrey Sports Parks' own Mark Garfoot and Neil Welch from NW Conditioning, the team were in great hands and they re-appeared late in the afternoon looking thoroughly worn out.

The parents meanwhile, had a more in depth presentation from Marc and the coaches about the changes that will be taking place at Ambition for next season. The factual information will be published in a press release shortly, for now all you need to know is that these are exciting times indeed for Ambition Racing and our latest developments will only add to the strong program that is already in place.

Sunday was all about the new teams (athletes / parents / coaches) coming together and getting stuck into a few games of paintball. With 23 of us, we ran riot and were not put off by the opposing team looking to fight rather than shoot us!

Aza got a few close range hits too......

Off to Austria in the morning to run some BASI courses then straight back for the May Hemel Camp, while Chris takes the lead for Landgraaf!!!!!

It's all go as usual at Ambition!

LSERSA Sponsorship - First Bursary Winners.

April Willows and Toby Case victorious in Bromley.

15 May 2011 AT 22:28:29


April Willows and Toby case, both born 2002, were the winners of todays summer Bursaries given out for the Group 1 winners of the Bromley LSERSA race by Ambition Racing. Both athletes were clear of the pack as they claimed the top spots in their respective categories and we are looking forward to seeing both of them at the May half-term camp kicking off on May 30th at The SnowCentre Hemel.

'REED's' all about it...

Ambition boys; Sam, Luke and Roy win English Indoo

08 May 2011 AT 23:06:54

The Reed's / Ambition racers did themselves proud in Manchester today with a double victory at the English Indoor Schools Champs. First up was the team timed runs where after Sam Stevens had a little mishap, Seb had to step up to the plate and ski clean for a Reed's finish. Lying in 2nd place it was all to play for on run 2 and after a shaky but complete run from Sam, Luke Steyn showed a smooth, fast run, followed by Roy laying down a stormer with the fastest time on the course to move the team up into 1st.... The boys went on to take home the silverware for the team parallel slalom held straight after also.

All in all a successful start for the Reed's team!

'HELLO MOTO'......

New sponsorship deal and partnership secured for A

06 May 2011 AT 21:50:24

Today was a good day,

Not only have we just secured an awesome sponsorship from MOTOROLA, we have also formed a formidable partnership with the one of the top private schools in the UK: REED'S SCHOOL.

MOTOROLA will be supplying Ambition with 10 of their latest radios to make sure that no matter what the weather, terrain or discipline, the Ambition athletes and coaches will be able to communicate with clear, crisp airwaves! Massive thanks to Motorola for making this happen, i've been checking out their other products on and they have got some awesome kit so go take a look!!!!!!

The other exciting news of the day is our new partnership with REED'S SCHOOL. For a long time now, Ambition has been working with a variety of athletes from Reed's including the likes of Luke Steyn, Roy Steudle, James Seiber, Katie Willis, Ellie Pocock, Alex Buchanan and i expect even more moving forward into 2012.

Reed's have always been very supportive of both their students and Ambition, providing the right work at the right time and enabling their student-athletes to come through their GCSE's and A-Level's with top, top grades even with extended periods of time spent away. Today's meeting was about making the partnership a formal agreement with Ambition giving full support to the way the school operate with their elite athletes and Reed's becoming more involved with the Ambition academic program delivered in Bormio. 

The other reason for my visit today was to see Ben Haining - the Elite Athlete S&C coach at Reed's. Ben works full-time with the Reed's athletes and we spent a good chunk of time going over each individual's program for the summer and beyond. The level of support that both Ambition and the athletes receive at Reed's is 2nd to none and we hope this relationship will continue long into the future.

Watch out for the Reed's boys at Manchester this weekend in the British Schools race!


GO TEAM.....

National Teams 'tapping-up' the Ambition athletes.

06 May 2011 AT 09:52:01

So the national junior team selections came out a few days back, in the midst of parents meetings and planning for next season, have only just got this online, here's how it looks;

It seems like everyone has noticed the results that are starting to come out of Ambition - credit to a hell of a lot of hard work from the staff and athletes together. Congratulations to Ashley Hill, Roy Steudle, Imi Taylor, Ellie Pocock and Emily Evans who together make up nearly 50% of the British Junior Team. Charlie Raposo was also selected to the British Junior Team to make up a special team for attendance to BOA prep camps for YOWG 2012.

With interest from England in a few of our other athletes, namely Luke Riddell and Kieran Norris and Scotland sniffing around Peter Glasgow, we are ready to step the game up once again at Ambition and let the results do the talking for us.

The athletes are busy presently in revision and fitness mode, looking forward to the Ambition Fitness / Team Bonding Camp planned at Surrey Sports Park on the 14th and the mass Paint-Balling war on the 15th. Cannot wait, with the athletes taking on the kids it will be a case of 'get your own back' for all involved!! Big shout out to Mark Garfoot at Surrey Sports Park and Neil Welch from NW fitness for putting the testing day together for us.

My time is being spent working with athletes and parents on programs and fitness trainers on S&C programs for the summer and on a couple of major projects for Ambition. We are looking to take Ambition to a completely new level and give our athletes an unrivalled environment to work in come 2011/2012.

Apparently this girl will be leading the proceedings where we are going.............. I guess she's not so good at paintball....