Lowland Champs 2017 - £85.00/day or £695.00 for entire camp.

20 September - 24 September

Ambition will once again be crossing the channel as we look to take on the best of the Lowland Nations in Landgraaf this Autumn.


We will run a short camp with our standard format of 2x training days, followed by 2x racing days - travelling home directly after the final race. The training days will consist of 2x 2 hour slots, with various activities in between - from high wires to fitness sessions to the less glamorous.... ski prep! We plan to have 2x coaches on the camp once more to enable us to have a slight split in groups where neccessary. In terms of on snow sessions, we run these days much like the UK indoor camps with a mix of free skiing, stubbies, full gates and drills, skills and competitions within that!


On the 20th September, will meet at 10.30am at the Cobham services going on the M25. On the 24th September, we will do a drop off at the same location - times always TBC & dependent on the race organisers!


We have a 'daily coaching price' for those athletes living out, whilst 7 limited full packages of transport, accommodation, coaching are also available!

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20/09/2017 £85.00
21/09/2017 £85.00
22/09/2017 £85.00
23/09/2017 £85.00
24/09/2017 £85.00

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