We havent won the English Champs club award since 2010, almost as long ago as the last time i posted on here!!! But what an incredible week for us at the English Champs, a race that has been somewhat successful for Ambition over the years. It ended with us taking home the Academy Champions Trophy!!!!

Even though many of our current skiers were not part of the orginal crew that spent days, weeks and months on the Stelvio piste, we still seem to be able to pull a few results out of the bag there. It wasn't just one or two guys either, and it certainly wasnt just the same faces each day that were doing the team proud. Nor was it all the way we expected - Barney Lewis English SG Champion?!? The boy has skills we know that but that certainly wasnt a 'blueprint' result so to speak. At the same time all this was going on, Ambition old boys (or not so old) Charlie Raposo and Roy Steudle were representing GB in the Youth Olympics and World Junior Champs respecitvely, with Luke Riddell joing Charlie over in Romania for Ireland.

Back to the English Champs...... well... lets get some order in this....

Sarah Woodward won the combi, with Tommy Dade getting a 4th in the U-10's event while Sarah Glasgow picked up a 4th in the GS narrowly missing out on the podium - good job to our mini's team & Emily Evans for the work she is doing with them (also here right now on our mini's taster week).

Anna Henderson & Izzy Taylor started off well in 2nd & 3rd in the kids SG, Alex Lillywhite narrowly missed the podium twice before Freya Eaton followed up a decent first leg of GS with a storming slalom day to claim 3rd on the day & 2nd in the combined! Phoebe long also decided to show everyone what she is capable of and charged towards the podium too?!!!!!!

In the juniors, it was PB after PB in terms of FIS points, i think pretty much everyone scored in Bormio. Paul Henderson completed 4 runs in a row on a tough hill & a tough set, using his brain power in the process!! Barney Lewis claimed a SG & Slalom title with the best race run ive ever seen from him in the 2nd run of slalom. Thomasine, had she been English, would have given Vi a run for her money in the overall, and little Vi just kept smashing the runs in - even in slalom to become the combined champion aswell as the GS and SG champ!! Even the guys that maybe didnt have their perfect runs still got results and podium places!

That is by no means 'it' and you will be able to see what else went on through the various results pages and fb posts from the guys but i will say that the whole team did us so so proud over the races there. Certainly Jan & Feb have been good for Ambition and lets hope we can continue it on into March and April.

Well done to every athlete on the team this year & to all the coaches and our brilliant housemum Monika. Everyone has had their part to play in this.

Onwards and upwards!!!